Zene the Zilla Drops 2nd Album “야망꾼”

So in case you missed it, Zene the Zilla is now signed to Ambition Musik joining Leellamarz, Way Ched, Keem Hyoeun, Changmo, Ash Island and Hash Swan. And to celebrate, he released his second album yesterday called “야망꾼”. The new album follows the releas of his first one “전화하지마 비행 중이야” back in December. This is made up of eight tracks with productions from Badassgatsby, … Continue reading Zene the Zilla Drops 2nd Album “야망꾼”

Released April 7 – 13, 2019

How are you guys holding up lately? I hope you’re all doing well. Let this playlist of new songs keep you through all the ups and downs. From Junggigo’s soothing “IWTS” to V-Hawk’s “Rubberball”, there’s definitely a song for a every mood here. ZENE THE ZILLA and Rakon’s “Xaned Out” Sunspot’s “젊은피” featuring Whutuf and DJ Kendrickx Zizu’s “새 옷 (#ootd)” featuring New Champ (produced … Continue reading Released April 7 – 13, 2019

A.Pro Drops “Unlicensed” EP

Rapper A.Pro (에이프로) released his first EP album yesterday called “Unlicensed”. A.pro has been rapping for over a year now, most of which are uploaded onto his Soundcloud channel. Four months ago, he released “Trillion” which features Zene the Zilla. It is added into the EP along with 5 other tracks all produced by Idontoverwork. TRACKLIST : 1. Trillion (ft. Zene The Zilla) 2. 기억 … Continue reading A.Pro Drops “Unlicensed” EP

Zene the Zilla Drops New EP with Eddy Pauer

Rapper Zene the Zilla released his newest EP “Zillamode 3” on May 18h with all tracks produced by Eddy Pauer, the same producer responsible for songs by Uneducated Kid, Futuristic Swaver, Bryn and more. The EP is made up of 7 tracks with two tracks featuring rappers VINXEN and Icey Blouie. It is made available for digital purchase on major Korean music portals. TRACKLIST: 1. … Continue reading Zene the Zilla Drops New EP with Eddy Pauer

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jinkyo’s “정신나간 대학생 랩퍼”

Here’s another week and we found a new rookie to listen to. Jinkyo is a rookie rapper we saw through Soundcloud and checked out. His first mixtape was released just last year and has continued to release material ever since. His second mixtape was released just yesterday. Honestly, that first track reminds us of the 90’s RnB and we got our heads bopping. We hung … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jinkyo’s “정신나간 대학생 랩퍼”


Young Thugs Club started out as a rap crew slowly making their way through the scene. But as time went by, they gained more members and are now doing steady activities in making themselves known. Some of the members are already signed with labels, some still work independently. Woodie GoChild is already signed with H1GHR Music while Ember has recently just been revealed to have joined Feel Ghood Music. Continue reading “YTC4LYF”

SNS Roundup 08.14.2016

Sik-K with Ty Dolla Sign (lucky kid!): Hoody and Elo @ the Seoul Soul Festival: Dean singing in the rain with the crowd @ Seoul Soul Festival. Photo by Miso: Paloalto with Minje (collab please!): Crush with Musiq SoulChild (another lucky guy!😭): “₩prk hard, play hard”. Take it from the expert, the Quiett: From MC Sniper: From SleeQ: From Ban Blank: Epik High, as shared … Continue reading SNS Roundup 08.14.2016