Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

Releasing his newest EP today, rapper VINXEN worked with producer BOYCOLD on all its tracks. The EP “BOYCOLD 2” is made up of 5 songs, following its prequel released by Sik-K. The lead track “Smoke” features the singer Jungin. The other track “Stingray” features Sik-K and is promoted by a live performance video. While Sik-K worked with more upbeat songs in his EP, VINXEN delivers … Continue reading Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

Babylon Releases First Full Album “Caelo”

RnB singer Babylon has been in the game for such a while and always delivers on point music. It may have taken a long time, but he makes it sure to continue to mesmerize listeners with his much-awaited first full album, “Caelo” released on October 3rd. The word “Caelo” means “being carved in the sky”, a goal the album aims to do, to be carved … Continue reading Babylon Releases First Full Album “Caelo”

VINXEN is Back With New Single “별”

KIFF CLAN’s VINXEN was part of the Rap Beat Festival held on the 15th, where he also scored a selfie with XXX (who even knew he was a fanboy?!). Today, he releases a new single “별” made up of two tracks. “별” features vocals from NELL’s vocalist Kim Jonghwan (one of our faves!) and is a track produced by Boycold. The music video was released … Continue reading VINXEN is Back With New Single “별”

VINXEN Drops First EP “제련해도”

KIFF Clan’s VINXEN recently revealed that he was already signed with the label Romantic Factory. And along with that, he has just released his first EP “재련해도” today. The EP is made up of 6 tracks and showcases his talent and skill in a wider spectrum. It contains two title tracks. “Sinking Down With You” has a slower vibe and showcases Vinxen rapping along with … Continue reading VINXEN Drops First EP “제련해도”

GroovyRoom Drops New Track “My Paradise”

Nothing else can surprise us, we said. But whatever Groovyroom drops, we still end up being surprised. Their latest single “My Paradise” was released yesterday, April 30th and features singer Chungha and rapper VINXEN, and is now made available on all major music portals. This project shows us an addition to Groovyroom’s talents as member Hwimin participated in the artwork creation. After Chungha’s stint under … Continue reading GroovyRoom Drops New Track “My Paradise”

Highschool Rapper 2 Fans Rejoice As They Sign On With Labels

If there was one thing that we loved about Highschool Rapper 2, it was the fact that a lot of very capable and talented rappers joined and of course, came out victorious. An inside joke among fans even said that “no matter what happens, a KIFF Clan member would end up winning”. We weren’t wrong about that (since half of the finalists were from the … Continue reading Highschool Rapper 2 Fans Rejoice As They Sign On With Labels

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Tommy Strate, Acacy, Eptend

We’re on a listening session, making ourselves aware of various new artists, songs (and even loca Filipino artists). Here are three new tracks that we want you all to listen to as well. Here is Cozyboy Tommy Strate with a new track called “dream”. Just listening to it makes us remember some Goosebumps tracks. And we like it. We’ve listened to Acacy before. But this … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Tommy Strate, Acacy, Eptend