Don Mills Is Back With New EP “Mills Way”

After almost two years, rapper Don Mills is back with a new EP “Mills Way” and boasts an impressive line up of featured artists. Released yesterday February 14th, “Mills Way” is made up of 6 tracks with most of it produced by Ian Ka$h, except for the title track “Yonge & Finch” which was produced by Laptopboy and features Dbo. Other featured artists include Los, … Continue reading Don Mills Is Back With New EP “Mills Way”

Chamane Comes Back with New Album “22”

The young rapper Chamane is back with a new album called “22” released today, February 14th. Chamane’s first album “20” was released almost three years ago. And despite the setbacks the rapper went through, he has been working diligently to finish the album and make a comeback for his fans. The album contains autobiographical stories on the lyrics, mainly about his experience with depression. In … Continue reading Chamane Comes Back with New Album “22”

Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

Grandline artist and producer Django has released his first LP yesterday “Seoul Jazz”, an album that talks about his feelings while living in his city, Seoul. Dwelling with jazz music mixed with some glorious vocals and witty raps, Django delivers his message clearly all through 14 tracks. All songs were produced by Django with the help of Kann Louis. Some artists who lent their voices … Continue reading Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

Slick O’Domar Releases “Damn”, Completes “PRESEASON” EP

Slick O’Domar of OSAMARI Crew has been releasing a string of singles part of his new EP “PRESEASON” for the past few weeks. Yesterday, the last single was released completing all 6 tracks of it. “PRESEASON” tracks were produced by James Keys. The EP is made available on both Soundcloud and Youtube. Check it out below. TRACKLIST: 1. CA STATE OF MIND 2. 당돌한년 (ft. … Continue reading Slick O’Domar Releases “Damn”, Completes “PRESEASON” EP

Han Yohan Comes Back with “Musashi 2” EP

Han Yohan released his first album “기타 멘 무사시” in November 2016 after being signed onto Just Music. Although he was formerly an acoustic guitar player and singer, the audience received him greatly. After more than a year, the singer is back with another Musashi album. The new EP ” 기타 멘 무사시2″ was released yesterday, Februray 12th, and has been available for purchase through … Continue reading Han Yohan Comes Back with “Musashi 2” EP

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] ARTLOVER Debuts With “Want U Back”

We rarely talk about Asian Americans who start off their career overseas. But we always try to show our support. And today, we wanted to talk about a new female rapper we got the chance to listen to. ARTLOVER is a South Korean native and London based artist. She recently just released \her debut single “Want U Back” made available through Soundcloud. She revealed that … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] ARTLOVER Debuts With “Want U Back”

Released February 4 – 10, 2018

Swervy’s “Unmainstream” (Prod. Watapachi) Young Cream’s “Stomp” featuring Los, Gento B-free’s “Cold World” featuring Jeremy Quest JTong’s “Pinecone Rock” featuring Lowdown30 Sik-K, pH-1, Woodie GoChild’s “Garasadae” (Prod. Thurxday) Boin’s “EXIT” OLNL’s “Sweet” featuring Samuel Seo Naul’s “Baby Funk” Haan’s “Take Care” featuring Brwn Rico’s “Fruit Juice” Brick’s “Skip” featuring Rheehab Daywalker x Vandi’s “A.K.A” featuring Absint MKIT RAIN’s “Don’t Move” Continue reading Released February 4 – 10, 2018

Briel Drops First EP “Growing Wings”

FPL Crew’s Briel just dropped his newest EP “Growing Wings”. We just couldn’t wait to play it, too. The young rapper is back with a new EP and features 10 tracks. It has an interesting producer lineup made up of rookies Kidkev, Jaydubb, mOOn, DZ and Cocca. Briel raps alone on most tracks ezcept for “Luv Like” that features fellow crew member, Dbo. In this … Continue reading Briel Drops First EP “Growing Wings”

SNS Roundup 02.09.2018

It’s the start of Winter Olympics 2018. Let’s see what some of our faves got cooking today! From Apachi wearing Whole0000: From Snacky Chan: From Paloalto, with those J Dilla CDs! Hashtag legend: The SatGotBong crew everyone 😅 Cifika is us right now. lol From YunB, on the way to Japan! From the birthday boy, DJ Conan! With Sleepy, from Nucksal: From MINO: From Mrshll … Continue reading SNS Roundup 02.09.2018

Korean Hiphop Awards 2018 Winners

Last night, the first ever live awarding ceremony for the second Korean Hiphop Awards was held. The winners left us really, really happy! The Korean Hiphop Awards is a collaboration between the biggest webzines in Korea, Hiphopplaya and HiphopLE. This year, they teamed up with Reebok and Samsung to host the first live awarding ceremony. Take not that last year, the awards were given personally … Continue reading Korean Hiphop Awards 2018 Winners

Dynamic Duo Comes Back with New Single “봉제선”

We all know we missed them. But Dynamic Duo is back with a new song and somehow matches the cold weather. “봉제선” is Dynamic Duo’s newest single released yesterday, February 7th, and features vocals from Suran. Surprisingly, Heize participated in writtng the lyrics. Gaeko and Philtre produced the music. The song talks about the dilemma couples encounter when you’re in between love and separation. Just … Continue reading Dynamic Duo Comes Back with New Single “봉제선”

XXX Releases New Single “What You Want” Ahead of Album

On February 7th, hiphop duo XXX (made up of producer and DJ FRNK and rapper Kim Ximya) released a new single ahead of their upcoming album “Language”. “뭐 어쩔까 그럼 (What You Want) was released yesterday and made available on all Korean music portals for digital download. The news was announced through Beasts And Natives’ newsletter (be sure to subscribe!). They also revealed XXX’s official … Continue reading XXX Releases New Single “What You Want” Ahead of Album

Loopy Releases 2nd EP “QUESTIONS”

For his second EP, Loopy rather prepared himself well, and his fans. “QUESTIONS” just dropped today, also announcing the winner from his open verse contest. The new EP is made up of 12 tracks and follows his first EP “ICE” released in 2017. Each track is produced by a different producer and includes HDBI, David Yungin Kim, CashMoney and Zeph Ellis to name some. And … Continue reading Loopy Releases 2nd EP “QUESTIONS”

K-Indie: Kiha And The Faces Release “Happy New Year” Remix Album

In 2015, Kiha & The Faces released the song “Happy New Year” for Lunar New Year. They released it as an album with two remixes from DJ Soulscape and Yun Seokcheol. This year, Kiha & The Faces released another remix album of the same song with 6 other DJs/producers mixing it. The remix album was released on February 5th and is made up of 7 … Continue reading K-Indie: Kiha And The Faces Release “Happy New Year” Remix Album