Taeyang Is Back With “White Night”

BIGBANG’s lead singer Taeyang is Back with a much awaited album “White Night (백야)”. This is the next solo album from BIGBANG after GDragon’s comeback. This project is a work between much of our favorites. The songs on the album are the works of The Black Label producers mainly Teddy, Joe Rhee, 24, Kush, Peejay, RTEE and Seo Wonjin. Surprisingly, to much of our delight, … Continue reading Taeyang Is Back With “White Night”

Okasian Drops “₩1,000,000” with GDragon, CL, BeWhy

On December 26th, the annual SBS Gayo Daejun was held live and one of the most awaited stages for the night was the hiphop collaboration between GDragon, CL, BeWhy and most surprisingly, Okasian, which is probably his first live performance for South Korea’s mainstream TV. The four rappers performed a new song titled “₩1,000,000” which is a song produced by Choice37 and Teddy. Check out … Continue reading Okasian Drops “₩1,000,000” with GDragon, CL, BeWhy

Here Comes The Black Label

One of the leading entertainment companies in Korea have started expanding their business since the start of 2014. In 2015, they launched their first ever entertainment sub-label, HIGHGRND, spear-headed by Tablo and focuses in the indie and alternative music scene. The label currently houses 7 names including the Black Skirts, Code Kunst, Hyukoh, Incredivle, Punchnello, Millic and Offonoff. A year after, YG announces that they … Continue reading Here Comes The Black Label

TheLoyalist: A Take On Crush and Zion.T

Recently, Zion.T has announced to now be a part of YG’s sub-label headed by Teddy and Kush. As it may sound surprising since the announcement was made out of the blue, it is logical to end up as so since Zion.T is a known good friend of Kush. (source; original source taken from Instiz) Fans reacted diversely. Some think that moving to YG would halt … Continue reading TheLoyalist: A Take On Crush and Zion.T