Released June 12 – 22, 2019

And you thought we already forgot to refresh you with some of the newest releases this week. Check them all out. Kid Milli’s “Duracell + Xanny” featuring Yunhway Changstarr’s “Diamonds Eternal” featuring Jeremy Quest, Kinnshaa Wish, Eggu Crucial Star’s “Cigarette” Lil Boi , TakeOne’s “갔다 올게” Ted Park’s “They Don’t Know” Samuel Seo’s “D O W E” Hyuncho’s “chillinovatime” Skull’s “Ye Ye Yo” featuring Superbee … Continue reading Released June 12 – 22, 2019

Lil Boi, Takeone Release Collab Album, Announces Half-Time Records Establishment

Lil Boi and Takeone have both announced leaving Grandline Entertainment earlier and they now revealed it was because of establihing their own label, Half-Time Records. View this post on Instagram A post shared by HALFTIME (@halftime.official) on Mar 31, 2019 at 2:00am PDT For the new fans, Half-Time started as a producer unit with Lil Boi and DJ Dopsh and now they moved on to … Continue reading Lil Boi, Takeone Release Collab Album, Announces Half-Time Records Establishment

New Year Headlines: Takeone, Zico, John OFA Rhee, SeSoNeon and more

Takeone leaves Grandline After being with Grandline Entertainment who helped Takeone carve his place in the scene for 6 years, the rapper took to his Instagram to announce that he has now left. It seems they parted with good terms and is pursuing an independent life in terms of his career. Poy Muzeum wins OPEN MIC SWG MIC SWG has been veturing into different types … Continue reading New Year Headlines: Takeone, Zico, John OFA Rhee, SeSoNeon and more

Eluphant is Back With New Single “U”

Eluphant has been so low on our radar recently. But yesterday, they released their newest single “U” and we love it so much. The first track “갈대” features vocals from Yang Dail, a song fit for the winter and Christmas season. However, the second track “추수” is a more upbeat track that features additional raps by Takeone and vocals from Samuel Seo. For quite a … Continue reading Eluphant is Back With New Single “U”

Drunken Tiger Comes Back With Last Album “X : Rebirth of Tiger JK”

Drunken Tiger is a symbol of the Korean hip-hop scene, the legendary as most say. Yesterday, Drunken Tiger came back with his most awaited album “X: Rebirth of Tiger JK”. This year marks Drunken Tiger’s 20th year in the music scene, being the spearhead of hiphop in South Korea. Debuting back in 1998, the rapper has released 9 records, and this new album is his … Continue reading Drunken Tiger Comes Back With Last Album “X : Rebirth of Tiger JK”

Don’t Miss MIC SWG BOOTH Episodes! Trust Us!

In case you all missed it, Mic Swagger is back with a new concept and it doesn’t just involve rappers, but musicians, too! MIC SWG BOOTH aims to introduce to the public that rap could go along really well with band music. The project curated by Nuol releases videos every Wednesday of every week with a different rapper in the spotlight. They perform live just … Continue reading Don’t Miss MIC SWG BOOTH Episodes! Trust Us!

Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

Grandline artist and producer Django has released his first LP yesterday “Seoul Jazz”, an album that talks about his feelings while living in his city, Seoul. Dwelling with jazz music mixed with some glorious vocals and witty raps, Django delivers his message clearly all through 14 tracks. All songs were produced by Django with the help of Kann Louis. Some artists who lent their voices … Continue reading Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

QM Releases First Album “WAS”

Rapper QM has been diligently working on material, aiming to release an album or EP. yesterday, October 16th. The rapper has finally released his first album “WAS”. QM has received much support to the release of this album including those from his crew Royalclass, and with the collaborations he did including Takeone, Wutan and Don Malik. On the cover artwork for “WAS” , QM thanked … Continue reading QM Releases First Album “WAS”

Released January 21 – 28

Cheetah’s “Blurred Lines” featuring Hanhae San E’s “I Am Me” featuring Mamamoo’s Hwasa Crybaby’s “Paramount” featuring Takeone Kassy’s “Dream” Jessi’s “Don’t Make Me Cry” Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam’s “Cave Me In” Sam Kin and Loco’s “Think About Chu” (with DTSQ on the instruments!) Masta Wu’s “SHIT” featuring DoK2 Snacky Chan’s “Mail Mail” Nafla x Big Banana “I Know Myself” Dakshood’s “Chameleon” featuring Justhis, … Continue reading Released January 21 – 28

TakeOne Coming Back, Grandline Show

Rapper Takeone has been silent for a very long while now. A few days ago, Grandline Entertainment dropped news that the rapper is preparing for a comeback and an album titled “녹색이념”. Although unconfirmed still how many tracks his album will have, the release has already been announced to be December 31st. To celebrate his, Grandline has announced another label show set on the same … Continue reading TakeOne Coming Back, Grandline Show

Releases January 3 – 9

Illinit’s “Half-Duplex” featuring, Optical Eyez XL, Minos Ravi’s “Where Should I Go” featuring Microdot Lee Hyunwoo & Louie’s “Your Face” JSlow’s “Nowadays Kids” featuring Freelow   Freestyle’s “Cold Hands” featuring XOXO   Defconn’s “Unconditional Love” Double K’s “R.O.K (Republic Of Korea) featuring Loco, Takeone Rex.D’s “Hanbeon Bwatneunde” featuring d.ear Jinsil (Mad Soul Child) and MC Mong’s “Aftereffect” Lucky J’s “No Love” DAX’s “Alright” featuring Jay … Continue reading Releases January 3 – 9

Doplamingo Release Remix Tape

Doplamingo is out with a mixtape featuring remixes of songs. Songs are from P-Type, Huckleberry P, Dead’P, Jerry.K and Garion. Tracklist is as follows. 01 P-TYPE – Timberland 6′ (Feat. Nuck of Soul Dive, DJ Tiz) [Doplamingo REMIX] 02 가리온 – 불멸을 말하며 [Doplamingo REMIX] 03 Huckleberry P – Rap Badr Hari [Doplamingo REMIX] 04 Dead’P – Shining [Doplamingo REMIX] 05 Jerry.k – 증명 (Feat. … Continue reading Doplamingo Release Remix Tape