New singles from Sik-K, P.O, Vagabonds

SIK-K “Water” Sik-K is currently preparing to release a new album with tracks expected to be entirely produced by Goosebumps. Talk about us being really excited though. On July 30, he released a new single called “Water” featuring Woodie GoChild, HAON and Jay Park. Summer just got even hotter for sure.   P.O “Promise” P.O has come back working with one of his closest friends … Continue reading New singles from Sik-K, P.O, Vagabonds

Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

Releasing his newest EP today, rapper VINXEN worked with producer BOYCOLD on all its tracks. The EP “BOYCOLD 2” is made up of 5 songs, following its prequel released by Sik-K. The lead track “Smoke” features the singer Jungin. The other track “Stingray” features Sik-K and is promoted by a live performance video. While Sik-K worked with more upbeat songs in his EP, VINXEN delivers … Continue reading Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

Verbal Jint Releases New Single

Rapper and producer Verbal Jint released a double single yesterday, full of love and youth. The single is made up of two tracks produced by Verbal Jint and Cool Cat. “여자친구 (Gfriend)” features Sik-K, who will also be releasing his own single this week. “연습생Girl (Trainee Girl) features Brand New Music’s KPOP duo MXM. The single album is made available on all major music portals. Continue reading Verbal Jint Releases New Single

Released July 15 – 21, 2018

Sik-K’s “Shut Up & Kiss” Ra.D’s “Can’t Forget Anything” Famous Dex, Keith Ape, Verbal “Japan 88” (under the recently released 88Rising compilation album 👏) Yammo’s “Wait For Us” featuring The Quiett D.I.B’s “Lazy Boy” TaPi’s “Croquette” (we suddenly are hungry) Choiza and Microdot’s “Hit!” Nashow’s “Heavy Rain” Wooks’ “Shy” featuring Artinb Continue reading Released July 15 – 21, 2018

Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

After the single “Bittersweet” released back in May, Crush releases his anticipated EP yesterday, July 13th called “Wonderlost”. And we love it, no joke. Meant to be enjoyed this summer, “Wonderlost” is a follow-up to the “wonder” series linked with the EP “Wonderlust” released back in 2016. The new EP is made up of stories by Crush and some of his friends who also feature … Continue reading Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Sik-K released a new single on July 11th called “youth.wit.purpose” made up of 2 tracks with producers Groovyroom and Vangdale responsible for the beats. The theme of the single is “purposeful youth” and contains stories of young people searching for love. The two tracks “그래 그냥 내게 바로 (Skip And Kiss)” and “너가 좋아하길 (Up All Night)” are impressive songs with Sik-K’s signature melodic rapping … Continue reading Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Jay Park Announces EP Release, H1ghr Music Schedule

Jay Park is definitely one kind of a hustler. Other than his label AOMG, he also manages H1GHR Music with a wider range of artists under its wing. Nevertheless, he is always up to speed in showing everyone his support.   Recently, Jay Park has released his single “SOJU” which is expected to be in his upcoming EP. HE released two version, one with 2Chainz … Continue reading Jay Park Announces EP Release, H1ghr Music Schedule

Producer Way Ched Drops First EP “Share Feelings”

Another producer is out here to snatch our wigs (and yes. We know that phrase), and we’re excited to listen to more of what he has to offer. Way Ched released his first EP yesterday called “Share Feelings’ made up of 6 tracks showcasing his feelings and thoughts towards people. Featured artists include Sik-K, Punchnello, YunB, Blah, and Coogie and is made available for digital … Continue reading Producer Way Ched Drops First EP “Share Feelings”

Released May 27 – June 2, 2018

SUPERBEE & twlv’s “여자들은 강아지를 좋아해” Sway D’s “Color Gang featuringYoung Thugs Club & Woodie Gochild” 24 Flakko’s “For My Dream” DEAD’P’s “Guilty” Beatrappa, Danu’s “Headache” SEAN.L’s “G옥” featuring Degalo, Lozik) Sik-K, pH-1, Ted Park “ON THE ROAD” (Prod. BIG BANANA) THAMA’s “Like That” featuring Giriboy Continue reading Released May 27 – June 2, 2018

Goosebumps Comes Back With New EP “Stage II”

It’s already been a few years since Goosebumps first EP. After his stints with Gucciburger (his unit with Juniorchef), he’s back with new songs of his. “Stage II” was released online today and contains 4 tracks, all of which Goosebumps produced. Each track features other artists Mercutio 1989, Sik-K, Juneone and Loco. As far as we know, Mercutio 1989 is King MCK, apparently using a … Continue reading Goosebumps Comes Back With New EP “Stage II”

Released Feb. 25 – Mar. 2, 2018

Sik-K’s “Plus It” for LG+ Jeon Soyeon’s “Idle Song” (which we totally didn’t hear about until we scrolled through our Youtube feed) Nafla’s “Flower” as produced by Gray DinDin’s “Everyday” featuring Sik-K and Jun.K Young B’s “Teen Titans” J-Hope’s “DayDream” off of his first mixtape Alt’s “마니또” Ann One’s “This Ain’t Love” Jeremy Quest’s “Work” Lee Aram’s “미움받을 용기” YunB’s “Clockwork” featuring EK, Khundi Panda … Continue reading Released Feb. 25 – Mar. 2, 2018