TheLoyalist: Meet Our New Teammate, Sha!

Through the years, The KHOP Loyalist has always worked alone. TKL Cessa has always managed the blog and social media accounts all on her own. We don’t complain, but there are tasks where we need help. During the DEAN x SAAY concert in Manila, our first ever media gig representing the blog, we needed help in taking photos. And here comes the part where we … Continue reading TheLoyalist: Meet Our New Teammate, Sha!


Where all my Filipino KHOP fans at?! Seeing your favorite artists is no longer a dream (unless ya’ll want to go to Korea first and enjoy the scene first-hand)! The first ever Korean hiphop show will be coming to us on September 15, 2017 in Manila. The concept of the show is somewhat similar to hiphop festivals in South Korea such as Hiphopplaya. The line … Continue reading KOREAN STREET SOUND 2017

DEAN 130Mood:TRBL PH Promo Tour Video

I’m just really sharing this because I feel somewhat happy. Last August, Dean visited the Philippines and did a promotional tour for his album 130Mood:TRBL. If you read my #DEANinMNL  experience, you might know that there were some points I really felt frustrated. But all was good. Us Philippine Rebels were just sad afterwards because Dean seemed to be distant (talking about the time he … Continue reading DEAN 130Mood:TRBL PH Promo Tour Video

Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

After our FFQ with Jinbo, we’re revealing our first full and exclusive interview with Korean RnB singer and producer, Jinbo The SuperFreak. We talked about what he’s been up to lately, places he’s been to, future plans and of course, an upcoming album. Check out our interview below!       TKL: Please introduce yourself to the readers! JINBO: Hey! My name is JinboTheSuperfreak. I’m a producer, … Continue reading Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

ME & KHH : Fans And Their Stories

Recently, we held an album giveaway contest and the prizes are copies of an album from Nucksal, Giriboy and Dean. Part of their prize is being featured in the blog with their stories or artworks involving KHOP or the scene itself. Let’s get to meet them!  Arisa is a fan from the Philippines that got involved with Dean Philippines when Dean came to Manila last … Continue reading ME & KHH : Fans And Their Stories

Gearing Up For #DEANinMNL 

The rising Korean RnB star is finally coming to my beautiful country, the Philippines! (Oh my freaking yay!) He’s scheduled on a two-day tour from August 6 to 7, the main details still unknown (more details from MCA Music). However, the Philippine fanbase is already gearing up and preparing for the most awaited days and here’s one of the activities lined up for Rebels! It’s the … Continue reading Gearing Up For #DEANinMNL 

[ PROMOTE ] Dean Philippines

Who doesn’t like Dean? Who doesn’t like his voice? Who doesn’t admire his producing skills? Who doesn’t think he’s an awesome guy? As the Deanfluenza is spreading worldwide, even the Philippines has gotten a great taste of it. Just this year, the first fanbase dedicated to the RnB singer,  rapper, producer and song-writer was founded. As small as it may be right now, the fandom … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] Dean Philippines


The fandom in the Philippines dedicated to the KHOP scene is getting even bigger by the second (thank the heavens!) And one of the new fanbases  is dedicated to none other than the illest label in Korea, ILLIONAIRE. Please show your support to the fanclub by liking their Facebook page! Facebook Page: ( They will soon be opening a Twitter account and website so stay … Continue reading [ PROMOTION ] ILLIONAIRE Philippines

[ PROMOTE ] Beenzino PH Fan Project for “12”

After being in the scene for almost 6 years, Beenzino will finally be dropping his first ever full album titled “12”. A lot of his colleagues and fans alike are now excited to finally hear it (including myself). Although the album was supposed to drop last night, it was delayed because a track was leaked, moving it to the 31st of May. And as part … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] Beenzino PH Fan Project for “12”

Greetings From Vismajor and Changmo

Well, these aren’t really greetings specified for me. But these are some of the other greetings the Philippine KHiphop Community has received from various names. This time, they posted the greetings from Vismajor and Changmo. We really hope that one day we’d get to see these people perform live. Vismajor’s Deepflow, Don Mills, Nucksal and ODEE Changmo (who just dropped a mean mixtape recently. \m/) Continue reading Greetings From Vismajor and Changmo

Philippine KHiphop Community Launch

Last January 30th, the KHOP Loyalist was invited to the Philippine KHiphop Community’s first mini gathering. The turnout of attendees was smaller than what we expected but the day was just as amazing as we wanted it to be. I have been doing admin work for this fanbase since the start of 2015. There were so much more advancements since that day. And for this … Continue reading Philippine KHiphop Community Launch

[ PROMOTE ] KHH PH Year-End Awards

The Korean Hiphop community in the Philippines is having their first ever year-end award that aims to recognize the artists that have left a mark this year. They are planning to give out the awards on their first gathering on the 30th of January. Cast your votes on their official poll below! Hurry because the voting ends on January 24, 2016 Facebook Page: Twitter:   … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] KHH PH Year-End Awards