Omega Sapien Drops First Single “Rich & Clear”

Balming Tiger’s newest member Omega Spien has just dropped his first single “Rich & Clear” today. Produced by Riki Kaneda, the track is made available on all major music platforms. ๐Ÿฆ–๐Ÿ›ธ Before his official debut, Omega Sapien has released tracks on Soundcloud and performed with Balming Tiger at the last Daeguro Hiphop Festival. He was also the featured artist in Colde’s “YAYAYA”. CREDITS : Executive … Continue reading Omega Sapien Drops First Single “Rich & Clear”

Colde Releases First Solo EP “Wave”

OFFONOFF’s Colde has played it well after leaving HIGHGRND and joining a fresh, new label WAVY. He further showcases his talents with his first solo EP “WAVE”. The EP is made up of 8 tracks with production from Colde himself, Stally, IOAH, Haventseenyou, hoiwave and APRO. Much to our delight, Colde collaborated with rapper Omega Sapien and singer Sunwoo Jungah. The album title seems to … Continue reading Colde Releases First Solo EP “Wave”