TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

The year 2018 was full of amazing releases. We’re counting down the best based on our team’s choices. Here we go with TKL Sha’s favorite songs released this year and definitely stuck with her until now. “Lay Your Head On Me” – Crush This song was released as part of Crush’s introduction to the US market. I appreciate it so much for being a song … Continue reading TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

MOON’s Debuts First Single “MILLION” and We Are In Love!

R&B singer MOON has just debuted today with her first single “Million” featuring DoK2. MOON is signed under Million Market and has worked with LnB to produce her debut song. “Million” is a song about the future, convinced by the anxiety of the artist. Dok2 participates in the song and give it further depth and color We are in love with the song, truthfully. She … Continue reading MOON’s Debuts First Single “MILLION” and We Are In Love!

January Releases

Paloalto’s “Good Time” ft. Babylon (released Jan. 18)   Mad Clown’s “Fire” ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child (Released Jan. 9)   Infinite Flow’s “Been A Long Time” ft. Junggigo, DJ Soulscape (released Jan. 14)   Untouchable’s “Cigarette and Liquor” (released Jan. 16)   Debi’s “Ova Da Moon” ft. Moon, Owen Ovadoz (released Jan. 19)   DoK2’s “Riatch” (released Jan. 21)   Sapo’s “Pensee” ft. … Continue reading January Releases