Grandline Announce New Artists PULLIK, Mckdaddy

Grandline Entertainment, which now goes by “GRDL”, has recently announced two new artists to join their label, PULLIK and Mckdaddy. Rapper Mckdaddy has been making a name for himself as a rapper other than just being a video editor. In 2018, he’s collaborated with a lot of other artists including Sinqmin, Changstarr, Agunu, Syler and Alisha. Signing onto GRDL, he is expected ot release an … Continue reading Grandline Announce New Artists PULLIK, Mckdaddy

New Singles from YunB, Tommy Strate, Mckdaddy, J-Cat

The first week of 2019 is already really crazy. So here’s a rundown on the latest single released in last few days, setting our new year great with their vibes and energy. YunB started of the new year great with his song “Woah Woah Woah”. He even has MBA in his music video. Talk about getting lit. Producer and DJ, J-Cat worked with Rick Bridges, … Continue reading New Singles from YunB, Tommy Strate, Mckdaddy, J-Cat

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] A$hiroo

After the release of his first mixtape “Give Me That Oppai” this year, A$hiroo has gotten people’s attention, even landing spot on the HIPHOPPLAYA Show vol. 52 return this year. We found his mixtape and Soundcloud channel, and ended up listening to all his tracks. This certain we’ve shared, “Too Fast” feature another one of the rookie rappers we’re keeping an eye on, Mckdaddy. Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] A$hiroo

SINQMIN Drops New EP “Resilience”

DJ and producer SINQMIN has been reparing for new material ever since the release of his last EP in 2017 “Loose”. Today, he dropped “Resilience”, a testament to his hard work. The EP is made up of 5 tracks, each of which is being posted on SINQMIN’s official Youtube channel. SINQMIN hosted a pre-release and listening party fornthe EP where Mckdaddy, one if the featured … Continue reading SINQMIN Drops New EP “Resilience”