Tagger Releases New Single “BIT”

Rapper Tagger has released his newest single album “BIT” yesterday containing three tracks. All tracks were produced by Keepintouch and is made available on all major music streaming and purchase sites. Below is the music video for BIT released on the same day. ⠀⠀⠀ TRACKLIST : 1. SPRAY 2. 빛 (BIT) 3. MOBBY FREESTYLE (feat. VAAN, KEEPINTOUCH) Advertisements Continue reading Tagger Releases New Single “BIT”

Qwala Releases New EP “Dumb Truck”

Rapper Qwala has released his newest EP called “Dumb Truck” yesterday made up of seven tracks. Qwala features other rappers in the project including Kim Seungmin, Hash Swan, Superbee, Paloalto, Zene the Zilla and Posadic. It is now made available for digital purchase on all major Korean music portals. TRACKLIST : 1. Two numbers 2. Jeep (ft. 김승민, Hash Swan) 3. YovngTrucker 4. Tricksta (ft. … Continue reading Qwala Releases New EP “Dumb Truck”

Jooyoung comes Back With “N/A

RnB singer Jooyoung has come back with a new single “N/A” released today with two tracks in it. Jooyoung catches listeners’ ears with his dreamy charms showcased through both tracks. “N/A”, which means “no answer”, bears anger and emotions in difficulty finding answers. The second track “Inn” expresses distance from the world. [CREDIT] 1. Inn 작사 : youknowjuno 작곡 : 주영, Thurxday 편곡 : Thurxday, … Continue reading Jooyoung comes Back With “N/A

Young B Comes Back With First EP “SOkoNYUN”

Indigo Music and Dickids’ Young B has released his first EP “SOkoNYUN” on August 17th. The EP is made up of 8 tracks and includes the rapper’s emotions as a young man. The tracks features other artists NO:EL, Bumby, Bryn, BNom, Kid Milli and 210. Some of the producers that worked with the rapper are Thomas Barthel, Panda Gomm, Yusei, CHRSTN, Coa White TRACKLIST : … Continue reading Young B Comes Back With First EP “SOkoNYUN”

Carry Diamond Releases Album “EXPERIMENT : [실험]”

Rapper Carry Diamond has released singles prior to today and his new album “EXPERIMENT : [실험]” is a testament to his life dedicated to hiphop. The album is made up of 6 tracks, 3 of which were previously released and 3 new ones. The music revolves around boombap, R&B, mainstream hiphop and more, showcasing his growth and development in music. It is noteworthy that the … Continue reading Carry Diamond Releases Album “EXPERIMENT : [실험]”

OFFONOFF Reveal “Homeless Door” MV For “boy” Anniversary

The phenomenal duo OFFONOFF celebrated the release of their first album “boy” yesterday, July 24th. They released the official music video for the track “Homeless Door” which is part of their last album and features additional vocals from Rad Museum. The video was filmed in London before the album’s promotions. Additionally, through their social media accounts, OFFONOFF has expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards their … Continue reading OFFONOFF Reveal “Homeless Door” MV For “boy” Anniversary

Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Sik-K released a new single on July 11th called “youth.wit.purpose” made up of 2 tracks with producers Groovyroom and Vangdale responsible for the beats. The theme of the single is “purposeful youth” and contains stories of young people searching for love. The two tracks “그래 그냥 내게 바로 (Skip And Kiss)” and “너가 좋아하길 (Up All Night)” are impressive songs with Sik-K’s signature melodic rapping … Continue reading Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Moti Debuts with “Blue Wave”

  Planetarium Records new artist Moti has released his first single “Blue Wave” under the label on July 9th. He debuted in the label by participating in the label’s EP released earlier this year. “Blue Wave” is a double single made up of two tracks “BLUE” and “WAVE”. The first track is filled with summer color ad brightness, opposite of what the color blue is … Continue reading Moti Debuts with “Blue Wave”

Ryno Drops First EP “Hub Music”

Rapper Ryno has released his solo debut EP “Hub Music” on July 2ndand features 10 tracks that will surely catch you. The ten tracks making up the EP also features two bonus tracks “MAYDAY” and “그리워” . The EP is an extension of his first mixtape released three years ago. HE has received much support for this project including his fellow New Area Aliens and … Continue reading Ryno Drops First EP “Hub Music”

SLEEQ Returns With New Album “Life Minus F Is Lie”

After her impressive album “COLOSSUS” released in 2016, SLEEQ is back with her second album called “Life Minus F Is Lie” released yesterday, May 24th. The new album is made up of 10 tracks, three of which has already been released through the span of 2017 namely “Ma Girls” and “춤”. SLEEQ shares her confession as a person and as a feminist with a very … Continue reading SLEEQ Returns With New Album “Life Minus F Is Lie”