Lym en Releases New EP “ReFresh”

RnB singer and member of the crew Juiceoveralcohol Lym en has just returned with his newest EP “ReFresh” yesterday. Lym en has been showcasing his musical talents through numerous works with other artists such as Jeebanoff, SOMA and Junggigo. The new EP is a a new journey following his two part album “Lost Piece”. It’s made up of five songs with the title track “Butterfly”. … Continue reading Lym en Releases New EP “ReFresh”

DJ Wegun, Sogumm Release Collab Featuring Hoody

DJ Wegun and singer Sogum has once again collaborated on a song, and it now features additional vocals from AOMG’s Hoody. The track “Meet Me When This Rain Stops” was released yesterday and features DJ Wegun’s further venture into producing, especially with rnb music. Sogumm showcases her witty and unique tone matched with Hoody’s flawless vocals. Continue reading DJ Wegun, Sogumm Release Collab Featuring Hoody

Meego Releases First EP “160 Degree”

You might remember Meego on a couple of songs he featured in, including Cosmicboy’s “Can I Love?” with You.ra. The singer has just released his first Ep yesterday called “160 Degree” and it’s definitely one of our new favorites. Meego first debuted in 2016 but decided to work further with his craft, and in 2018 he released the single called “017” ansd followed it up … Continue reading Meego Releases First EP “160 Degree”

Jeebanoff Drops New Single “We (OUI)”

Singer Jeebanoff is back with his newest single “We (OUI)” featuring Sogumm following his last single “B.T.N” released earlier this year. The single features the same song with two versions, one featuring Sogumm. It’s produced by The plan8 and features amazing vocals. THe music video was shot in Hong Kong. CREDITS : Executive Producer : goodtomeetyou Lyrics by jeebanoff, sogumm Composed by jeebanoff, The plan8, … Continue reading Jeebanoff Drops New Single “We (OUI)”

Heize Drops New Album “She’s Fine” (and we love it!!!)

Singer Heize is a force to be reckoned with, moving from her rap image to her now sultry and appealing RnB music. Today, she releases her first album “She’s Fine”. Made up of 11 tracks, Heize manages to not just surprise us with her songs, but also those featured in them. She opens up the album with an introductory track “She’s Fine” and followed by … Continue reading Heize Drops New Album “She’s Fine” (and we love it!!!)

Youra Drops First EP “B-Side”

Singer Youra has showed off her colors since last year following through with her appearance on SBS TV’s “The Fan”. She has been featured in 015B’s singles and released her first digital signle. And yesterday, she released her first EP “B-Side”. Youra combines various elements in her music such as electronic, funk and city pop. The EP contains 4 songs, with Car, the Garden participating … Continue reading Youra Drops First EP “B-Side”

Bravo Releases First EP “Adultchild”

Singer Bravo has been on our radars for a long while and after his string of singles eeleased last year, we’re happy to finally hear his first EP “아른아이” released yesterday. The EP is made up of four tracks felt by Bravo in 2018 where he is yet a child nor adult. Producers Monocat and Pigment participated in the production while female singer Danny Roots … Continue reading Bravo Releases First EP “Adultchild”

Samuel Seo Release New Single, Concert Coming

Samuel Seo announced a week earlier that he has left Craft And Jun, the label that housed him for 4 years since the release of his first album “Frameworks”. They parted ways in good terms and he is now concentrated in his music and own activities. Yesterday, the singer released his newest single “I Hate Holidays” with a music video. Today, he announced that he … Continue reading Samuel Seo Release New Single, Concert Coming

ELO Release New Single “Home Alone”

Feeling kindx of blue this Christmas season coming? If you do, ELO has the right remedy for that with the release of his new single “Home Alone”. The song was released yesterday and is ELO’s gift for his fans this season. The singer composed and produced the track that showcases his beautiful vocals. A week earlier, ELO first performed the song in acapella for the … Continue reading ELO Release New Single “Home Alone”

Crush Releases “Lay Your Head On Me” For American Debut

News this year has stated that Crush is working to debut in America. He has been collaborating with US artists and producers and we feel as though this is close to completion. And yesterday, he released his first original English song “Lay Your Head On Me”. Sensual, emotional, considerate and sweet. That’s what we love about this song. Morenthan just the song, Crush delivered messages … Continue reading Crush Releases “Lay Your Head On Me” For American Debut

Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

Dean has been preparing for his much awaited new album “130mood: RVNG” especially after his 2017 single “Instagram”. After a year, he releases a new single “하루사실 (dayfly)”. The single is said to be part of the RVNG album. It features Rad Museum and the former f(x) member Sulli. Dean said in an Instagram story that his desire to feature Sulli is because he felt … Continue reading Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

Marilyn Monderland Drops Third L.H.E.A Album

Crew Marilyn Monderland released the third installation to their L.H.E.A series of albums, “Exquisite” on November 1st. The album is made up of 6 tracks all produced by the members. Yelloasis, Holynn and Junny have given their voices to all of the songs. The lead track is “Deserve” which can be listened to below. TRACKLIST : 1. 2018 (ft. Yelloasis)) 2. Control (ft. Junny, Holynn) … Continue reading Marilyn Monderland Drops Third L.H.E.A Album