Heize Drops New Album “She’s Fine” (and we love it!!!)

Singer Heize is a force to be reckoned with, moving from her rap image to her now sultry and appealing RnB music. Today, she releases her first album “She’s Fine”. Made up of 11 tracks, Heize manages to not just surprise us with her songs, but also those featured in them. She opens up the album with an introductory track “She’s Fine” and followed by … Continue reading Heize Drops New Album “She’s Fine” (and we love it!!!)

JIDA Drops New Single “Low”

Producer JIDA debuted in 2016 with a single. He has then continued to share his music and collaborating with numerous singers. On February 11th, he released his newest song “LOW”. His new single is a reverse of his debut which was called “High”. The song expresses JIDA’s charm through the bright vocals from RnB singer Kate Kim. The song is now available for digital purchaee … Continue reading JIDA Drops New Single “Low”

Hoody is Back with New Single “Can’t Wait”

One of our favorite singers is once again back with a new track, perfect for that Friday lonely vibes. “하나만 해 (Can’t Wait)” is a track produced by Stally who has also worked for other artists such as Beenzino, XuianX, Madtown and Paloalto. The song talks about someone unsure if she’s the only one in her lover’s heart and can’t wait to know the answer. … Continue reading Hoody is Back with New Single “Can’t Wait”

Soma Returns With New EP “The Letter”

Singer and songwriter SOMA is back with a new EP “The Letter” and also released the music video to the title track “In My Phone” today. “The Letter” is made up of 6 tracks, most of which are produced by SOMA herself. Some of her collaborations are with YunB, Kidd King and OLNL. TRACKLIST: Dear Someday (ft. YunB) Face Me (ft. Kidd King) In My … Continue reading Soma Returns With New EP “The Letter”

FLIK Releases Studio Album “Kaleidoscope”

Vocal singer and producer unit FLIK, made up of Loki and Wonderlust, has finally released their studio album “Kaleidoscope” with two tracks pre-released. “Kaleidoscope” is made up of 10 tracks, all produced by Wonderlust. Two tracks “Swim Good” (featuring Nuz) and “Hard-Boiled but Half-Baked” were released prior to the album. TRACKLIST: 꺼줘 (OFF) 허언증 (Hard-Boiled but Half-Baked) 돈이 말을 해 (Don’t) 노답 (No Doubt) 빨강 … Continue reading FLIK Releases Studio Album “Kaleidoscope”

Jinbo Releases New Album “KRNB2”

Singer Jinbo is back with his much awaited album “KRNB2”.  The album is made up of four tracks that are remakes of original songs. The tirle track “말하자면” features Crush and Hoody, and is expected to have a music video released for it. Meanwhile, early this week, The CUT released a documentary video following Jinbo and his friends’ retreat in Jeju Island. He was seen … Continue reading Jinbo Releases New Album “KRNB2”

LARW & TKL Exclusive Interview with ELO

VV:D Crew can be considered as one of the most prominent South Korean collective, taking into consideration the popularity that is attached to each of its member: Zion.T, Gray, Loco, Crush and Elo. The first four members have enjoyed their share of fame especially after individual projects and releases. After joining AOMG in 2015, Elo’s name then gathered more popularity, especially from international fans. In … Continue reading LARW & TKL Exclusive Interview with ELO

Bumkey Surprises With New MV Featuring Beenzino

Early last week, singer Bumkey came back with two new songs under his single album “Ebony and IVory”, “날 아주한 순간” and “잊혀지길 (Fade Away)”. According to the singer, these tracks were the result of him wanting to release something and express himself once more after a year of being inactive. After his single album, Bumkey then dropped an MV to the song “Surprise” which … Continue reading Bumkey Surprises With New MV Featuring Beenzino

Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

After our FFQ with Jinbo, we’re revealing our first full and exclusive interview with Korean RnB singer and producer, Jinbo The SuperFreak. We talked about what he’s been up to lately, places he’s been to, future plans and of course, an upcoming album. Check out our interview below!       TKL: Please introduce yourself to the readers! JINBO: Hey! My name is JinboTheSuperfreak. I’m a producer, … Continue reading Jinbo – Exclusive Interview