Released February 10 – 16, 2019

This week was full of album releases from Olltii, Young B, XXX, and more. So if you missed any new singles or music videis, here’s the list to help you out. Cloudy Beats’ “F.Y.B” featuring Coogie J’Kyun’s “맘대로해 (All Yours)” featuring Jero (a collaboration we definitely missed!) Meego’s “Freeze” featuring Summer Soul Blase Kid’s “YOunG” Jero’s “Judge” Slick O’domar’s “건배와 평화” featuring Paloalto Yeesang’s “Sunbed” … Continue reading Released February 10 – 16, 2019

Junoflo Drops First Album “Statues”

Junoflo is that man that continues to show his colors and trendy style. Today, after much waiting, he finally releases his first album “Statues”. The rapper dwells in thoughts of how statues represent not only the longevity of its life, but also the process of creating it with art, love, tims, and inspiration. The 12 tracks included in Junoflo’s first album tackle these stories in … Continue reading Junoflo Drops First Album “Statues”

Red Bull Korea Release Seoul Sori Compilation Album

Red Bull Korea hosted their annual music camp last September with some of the best DJs and producers as its participants. In accordance to their last Seoul Sori open exhibit that happened from December 28th to January 3rd, they released two compilation albums. The participating producers this year were DJ Soulscape, Choice37, Peejay, FRNK, Zayvo, Lionclad, Yangyang, SIMO, Akimbo and IOAH. Concentrating on creating sounds … Continue reading Red Bull Korea Release Seoul Sori Compilation Album

Wavy Drops EP “Divin to the Forest”

Rapper Wavy has dropped his newest EP “Divin to the Forest” on October 22nd, with an impressive tracklist. The EP is made up of 5 tracks and have Sean Ross, HippyWang, Xenovibe, NEUL, 30Hertzbeats and Scandibeats in the production. Wavy also worked with QM, KittiB and Canhaz on two tracks. CREDITS : 1. Wavy – Divin’ (feat. QM) (prod. by Sean Ross) 작사: Wavy ,QM … Continue reading Wavy Drops EP “Divin to the Forest”


This past month, we’ve been introduced to a lot of new names. And here’s one that we’ve recently just been listening to: FR:EDEN. We first heard his single “Sleepless Night” with OPO last week and was curious with his music and his name. And yes. It led us to more tracks. You can start with his most recent single “구름극장” that featutes OCEAN released just … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] FR:EDEN

FLIK Releases Studio Album “Kaleidoscope”

Vocal singer and producer unit FLIK, made up of Loki and Wonderlust, has finally released their studio album “Kaleidoscope” with two tracks pre-released. “Kaleidoscope” is made up of 10 tracks, all produced by Wonderlust. Two tracks “Swim Good” (featuring Nuz) and “Hard-Boiled but Half-Baked” were released prior to the album. TRACKLIST: 꺼줘 (OFF) 허언증 (Hard-Boiled but Half-Baked) 돈이 말을 해 (Don’t) 노답 (No Doubt) 빨강 … Continue reading FLIK Releases Studio Album “Kaleidoscope”

Bryn x Jvcki Wai Collab Drop; New Osamari Single Featuring New Member!

BRYN x JVCKI WAI There aren’t a lot of female rappers but Bryn and Jvcki Wai aren’t some new names. Bryn’s the only girl in Dickids crew and Jvcki Wai’s been one of our favorites for so long. The two recently just collaborated for a song called “SOMO” released through Soundcloud! QWALA x SLICK O’DOMAR Qwala recently shared that his crew Osamari has found a … Continue reading Bryn x Jvcki Wai Collab Drop; New Osamari Single Featuring New Member!

Millic’s First Album “VIDA”, “Paradise” MV Drop

Did you know that in Portuguese, “Vida” means “life”? Millic’s first album, elludes a very high feel of the grandeur of life, specifically, his life. On July 10, 6pm, HIGHGRND’s DJ and producer Millic released his first album “VIDA” made up of 9 tracks, all produced by himself and features an array of artists. For a week, HIGHGRND has hyped his album release by dropping … Continue reading Millic’s First Album “VIDA”, “Paradise” MV Drop

Konsole x Zeemen Release Collab EP “R E S E T”

Under Hexa Records, rapper Konsole and producer Zeemen released a collaboration EP titled “RESET”. TRACKLIST: R E S E T Woo New Rhythm No Help No Help (Original Mix) No Help (NOV Remix) No Help (SOSEOL Remix) This release is the mark of a new beginning for Konsole, hence the title. The title track “RESET” was released with a music video as well. Check it … Continue reading Konsole x Zeemen Release Collab EP “R E S E T”