Loopy, Nafla Release New Single “Woke Up Like This”

MKIT RAIN’s Loopy and Nafla has once again come together for a new single called “Woke Up Like This” that was released yesterday. This is their newest single right after their stint on SMTM777 where Loopy was one of the top 3, Nafla as the winner. The track is produced by 203 and talks about the rappers’ views about repetitive everyday life. Additionally, the cover … Continue reading Loopy, Nafla Release New Single “Woke Up Like This”

[ LYRICS ] VOICE – Standing Egg

VOICE – STANDING EGG Hangeul Romanization kkeuteopsi eodumi millyeool ttae api boiji ana bareul tteji motal ttae nuguegedo son naemilji motae gyeou beotigo seoisseul ttae nega muneojil ttae soneul jabajulge neoui moksoriga deullyeo eodum soge I can hear your voice, your broken heart gieokaejwo moduda sarajyeodo naega ne gyeote isseulge eonjena ne gyeote isseulge ireoke eonjena neol utge haejulge gieokae eonjena eonjena kkeuteopsi seulpeumi millyeool … Continue reading [ LYRICS ] VOICE – Standing Egg