BIBI Debuts with “Binu”

Singer BIBI has released her debut single under Feel Ghood Music yesterday called “비누 (Soap)”. This is now her official entry to the music industry after appearing on SBS The Fan”. BIBI participated greatly in her single from production to writing to directing her music video. She is also expected to release a series of songs before her album showcasing a wide range of music … Continue reading BIBI Debuts with “Binu”

Jayci Yucca Releases EP “Yucca Project”

Rapper Jayci Yucca has released his EP “Yucca Project” yesterday and features his current state and the things he’s been through. And although filled with different moods and emotions, it still encapsulates his style. The album is made up of six tracks with producers Grabby, TOIL, and Jayci Yucca himself participating in the production. He also features other artists, 22, Owen Ovadoz, Skinny Brown, Ash … Continue reading Jayci Yucca Releases EP “Yucca Project”

KONA Releases First EP jamais vu

KONA is a DJ and producer active in Itaewon and head of the platform Textures Seoul. She has first shown her tracks through the BOOTCAMP compilation albums but through her first EP “jamais vu”, she uncovers her own world. The EP is made up of three tracks featuring French artist Jade, singer SUMIN, and Balming Tiger’s Sogumm. Album artwork and music videos are not only … Continue reading KONA Releases First EP jamais vu

Jaguar Drops EP “Bronze”

Jaguar aka SFC.JGR has released his project album “Bronze” with the producer Bronze on May 13. This comes five months after the release of his single “Stairway” that featured the raper Qim Isle. The EP is made up of five tracks with the first one “1:1” featuring The Quiett presenting a very surprising combination. TRACKLIST : 1. 1:1 (Feat. The Quiett) 2. Shih Tzu 3. … Continue reading Jaguar Drops EP “Bronze”

Infinite Flow is Back with EP “Flow Forever”

Infinite Flow is a hip-hop duo that has been loved since their 2002 debut with the single “Respect You”. It is made up of rappers Bizniz and Nuck. after breaking up in 2007, Infinite Flow came back in 2015 with the single “Been A Long Time”. Yesterday, they released their newest EP “Flow Forever” under BNM and is made up of six tracks. The producers … Continue reading Infinite Flow is Back with EP “Flow Forever”

Leellamarz, Way Ched Drop Single “Homesickness”

Rappers Leellamarz and Way Ched has worked together for the track, “Homesickness yesterday featuring Smond D. Leellamarz talks about his experiences while studying in America and how he misses Seoul. In contrast, Simon D who has not lived in a different country, describes his woes living away form his hometown Busan. The single is now made available in all major music portals for purchase and … Continue reading Leellamarz, Way Ched Drop Single “Homesickness”

Juniorchef Drops New Single “Tsugi”

This is the second single Juniorchef released after signing with AOMG, the first being “Pop Star” featuring J Stash. The new track “Tsugi” which means “next”, features Japanese rapper Young Coco and was released yesterday. Right after this, Juniorchef is expected to work with other international artists soon including Kohh, Diplo, Marshmello and J Stash. Continue reading Juniorchef Drops New Single “Tsugi”

Producer Eggu Drops EP “Casual Experience”

Producer Eggu has released his first album called “Casual Experience” yesterday and is made up of six tracks. Eggu has produced fro artists B.Whale and Hwaji before, even releasing some tracks on his Soundcloud regularly. The EP is based on jazz hiphop with old school beats but modern textures. The album features artists Untell, 한오월 and Khundi Panda. TRACKLIST : 1. casual experience (feat. Untell) … Continue reading Producer Eggu Drops EP “Casual Experience”

Ash-B Drops New Mixtape “Slaying Ash”

Rapper Ash-B dropped a new mixtape yesterday called “Slaying Ash”, and the name definitely worked to her favor. In contrast to her last release, this mixtape goes hard, opening up with the track featuring Kembetwa. Another artist Benaxhe was featured in the third track “FAT”. TRACKLIST: 1. ON MY SKIN (Feat. Kembetwa) 2. WOO 3. FAT (Feat. Benaxhe) 4. 개이뻐 5. SORRY Continue reading Ash-B Drops New Mixtape “Slaying Ash”

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jooyoung, Sylarbomb, Kyum2

Here are some artists that we missed listening to and we’re glad they released new material, even if it was only on Soundcloud. Jooyoung “Wipe It Up Singer Jooyoung is busy with a lot of stuff and music is still one of them. He released a new track yesterday and we recommend a listen. Sylarbomb “Hypertension” Grack Thany is a crew we really need to … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jooyoung, Sylarbomb, Kyum2

BIGONE Drops First EP “Peach Blossom”

Rapper BIGONE has released his first EP yesterday called “Peach Blossom” made up of seven tracks. BIGONE and the tracks share different colors of himself. He features producers Gray, LNB, Big Banana, 30HertzBeats and Goosebumps. He released the track “blossom” a week early. The lead single “Too Much” features Penomeco which is produced by GRAY. TRACKLIST: 1. blossom prod. Lnb composed. Lnb, BIGONE lyrics. BIGONE … Continue reading BIGONE Drops First EP “Peach Blossom”

Chancellor Makes Comeback with “ANGEL”

Chancellor is now signed with rising label Million Market after leaving Brand New Music. Yesterday, he released his newest single “Angel” featuring singer Taeyeon. Chancellor’s last album was released two years ago and this new single is the mark of a new start for him. It is also expected that he’ll drop a new album right after to be called “Til Death Do Us Part”. … Continue reading Chancellor Makes Comeback with “ANGEL”