Legitgoons Releases New Compilation Album “Rockstar Games”

Legitgoons has released their newest compilation album “Rockstar Games” yesterday featuring mainly rappers Bassagong, BLNK, Jayho and Jaedal. This is the first album released with the crew operating as an independent label and is described as a virtual thug life. It is made up of 11 tracks with producers iDeal, YOSI and Biglightbeatz. TRACKLIST : 1. Start 2. GTA! 3. CAMBOYS 4. SKINHEAD 5. Love … Continue reading Legitgoons Releases New Compilation Album “Rockstar Games”

George Drops First EP “Cassette” & MV for “하려고해고백”

After receiving much attention for his previous singles “Boat” and “Swimming Pool”, singer George released his first EP “Cassette” on July 6th, which is made up of 5 tracks. It seems to be a very good time to release an EP such as this, especially with people giving R&B based music much attention, and even commercial success. Emotion is an important keyword in describing George … Continue reading George Drops First EP “Cassette” & MV for “하려고해고백”

Soundcloud Singles From Okasian, Qwala, Jhnover, Bloo

In case you missed something this week, have a look at the recent singles released through Soundcloud. We’re not regretting spending hours on this. OKASIAN After his collaboration stint with US-based rapper Ted Park, Okasian then releases a single through his Soundcloud “Tideishigh” produced by fellow Cohort member Artdealer. We are silently hoping he’ll drop a mixtape or EP soon. JHNOVR Now this reminds me … Continue reading Soundcloud Singles From Okasian, Qwala, Jhnover, Bloo

Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

After our FFQ with Jinbo, we’re revealing our first full and exclusive interview with Korean RnB singer and producer, Jinbo The SuperFreak. We talked about what he’s been up to lately, places he’s been to, future plans and of course, an upcoming album. Check out our interview below!       TKL: Please introduce yourself to the readers! JINBO: Hey! My name is JinboTheSuperfreak. I’m a producer, … Continue reading Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

Beenzino Drops Colorful “Time Travel” MV

Beenzino just celebrated his birthday yesterday and as a treat to his fans, he dropped the teaser to his new music video which was released just last night. “Time Travel” is a track off of his recent album “12”. The music video is colorful from every inch of it, a signature that is only evident in every IAB Studio creation. The MV had a lot … Continue reading Beenzino Drops Colorful “Time Travel” MV

Tasha Is Back With JAMCOME ON BABY, Album On The Way

A good month ago, a rumor about Yoon Mirae releasing an album arose with a tracklist already set. When I saw that, I totally flipped! I know a lot of us have been waiting for a solo release from the queen of the Korean Hiphop scene. But alas! It was all just a rumor. However, three days ago, Feel Ghood Music dropped a teaser to a new … Continue reading Tasha Is Back With JAMCOME ON BABY, Album On The Way

Keeproots, Boyrock Get Married, Mad Clown Next

Just this week, two names in the scene has already walked down the aisle with their brides and have tied the knot with them. On April 23rd, producer Keeproots and member of Bulhandang crew just tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend. His crew members and other rappers were present at the event such Illinit, Jin Dotgae, Prizmoliq and Illinit.   The next day, Aprril … Continue reading Keeproots, Boyrock Get Married, Mad Clown Next

Releases April 3 – 9

Konsoul’s “Cloud” featuring D.Meanor WuNo’s “Copy Ma Lyrics” featuring Nafla Loco’s “You, Too” featuring Chacha Malone BeWhy’s “Shalom”   Loptimist’s “Yam Scene” Ignito and Hunger Noma’s “Oracle”   Xin Seha’s “Timeline Eluphant’s “Flowerpor” featuring Kim Feel, Jo Jungchi Double K’s “Dope” featuring BFree, G2 Kidoh and Supremee Boi’s “KFC” Junweather’s “After Fucking” featuring Jung Junwang Okasian’s “Walkin’” Continue reading Releases April 3 – 9

Introducing Loben

Loben is a member of the hiphop unit Prizmoliq and crews Grandpics and Cream Villa. Although as a solo, Loben is yet to release something, his unit has already cemented themselves in the underground scene after doing multiple collaborations with various rappers.   Real Name : Kang Jonghu Birthday :December 17, 1986 Twitter : @Loben1217 Instagram : @loben1217       Check out some of their songs below! … Continue reading Introducing Loben

SuperFreak Records Releases FreakTape Vol. 1

One of the most prominent label made up of producers, Super Freak Records, has released a collaboration mixtape made up of produced tracks by their roster. [TrackList] 1. Beautiful Disco (w/ Slom) – Lost Worlds 2. Jinbo – I Need Somebody 3. I II I – Chelsea 4. LEGANIX – Bad Idea (REPRISE) 5. Viann – 머피 6. Somdef – Lake On Fire 7. Tunnelno5 … Continue reading SuperFreak Records Releases FreakTape Vol. 1

[ LYRICS ] Out Of Time – Snacky Chan ft. Babylon

OUT OF TIME – SNACKY CHAN ft. BABYLON eojeneun yeokja naeilreun mystery hyunjaeneun seonmul oneul bam is a gift to me party like 1999 88 3 jordan-eul shingu So fresh so clean nan shinseonhae teukbyeol bitnaneun byul salmeun iksukhae Say hello to the good life eumak meomchujima No its gonna be a goodnight mumdaego dance numb in the pants Cuz the booty 3D geunyeoui fashion … Continue reading [ LYRICS ] Out Of Time – Snacky Chan ft. Babylon