TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

Early 2016, I’ve already heard of rumors that some promoters were planning to bring AOMG to the Philippines. But with the schedules of each of their artists, it became impossible to have them do a show here. However, near the middle of November, great news got my my way. It isn’t a secret that I handle the AOMG fanbase here in the Philippines. Around that … Continue reading TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

SNS Roundup 11.01.2016

#BlackPink and RTEE: Bassagong vs Deepflow From Bryan Chase (who was recently added as a performer at Keith Ape’s shows scheduled in New Zealand): From Molly.D Ban Blank and Triumph under the sun: Uglyduck, Jay Park , Kirin and Hoody: From Hanhae: Honey J of Purplow with Jay Park: Illionaire at the Seoul Hiphop Film Festival giving a talk: From SuperBee: Cheetah, DinDin and LE: … Continue reading SNS Roundup 11.01.2016