Loopy, Nafla Drop Collab Single for Glo sens

E-vaping is a popular thing in South Korea, and possibly in most parts of the world. To add competition between with KT&G’s Lil Vapor and American startup Juul Labs’ Juul, British American Tobacco Korea launched a fusion technology-based hybrid e-cigarette called Glo Sens exclusively in South Korea as its pioneer country. And part of its campaign is the release of a collaboration single with rappers … Continue reading Loopy, Nafla Drop Collab Single for Glo sens

Released Aug 4 – 10, 2019

We want you to know, this week has been filled with Giriboy and Superbee songs. And we’re not complaining. Plus! Queen Yoon Mirae blessed us with her new song. Futuristic Swaver’s “Nisekoi” featuring Ash Island GIRIBOY’s “party is over” GIRIBOY and Superbee’s “Super Birthday” twlv’s “8282(Party)” featuring Superbee, Uneducated Kid Yoon Mirae’s “My Dream” Crucial Star’s “Hammock” featuring BIBI Millham’s “Come As U R” Kor … Continue reading Released Aug 4 – 10, 2019

Dynamic Duo Releases New Single “Blue”

Dynamic Duo has just come back with their latest single called “Blue” released on August 7th. And no, it’s not a sad song because it actually is about summer’s blue sea and blue skies. The track features singers SOLE and Crush, who both are/were artists under Amoeba Culture. SOLE and THAMA co-produced the song and arranged to perfection by US-based producer Kelly Clarke. Check out … Continue reading Dynamic Duo Releases New Single “Blue”

Released July 28 – Aug 3

It’s been raining nonstop over the weekend in the Philippines, specifically Manila where I’m at, and we missed a lot. But don’t think we won’t be looking through the past week appreciating the songs we’ve been blessed with. So here we go. PENOMECO’s “TEMPO” featuring Sik-K STii’s “Irish Exit” featuring Damiano Young Kay’s “TIME LAPSE” featuring WH3N, TANGTHEAWESOME (produced by BOYTOY) Tommy’s “Slow Jam” HA:TFELT’s … Continue reading Released July 28 – Aug 3

New singles from Sik-K, P.O, Vagabonds

SIK-K “Water” Sik-K is currently preparing to release a new album with tracks expected to be entirely produced by Goosebumps. Talk about us being really excited though. On July 30, he released a new single called “Water” featuring Woodie GoChild, HAON and Jay Park. Summer just got even hotter for sure.   P.O “Promise” P.O has come back working with one of his closest friends … Continue reading New singles from Sik-K, P.O, Vagabonds

New Area Drops Crew Album “Space Bound”

Hiphop crew New Area has released their first compilation album yesterday called “Space Bound”. The EP is made up of nine tracks. New Area Is made up of rappers Syler, LT, Greengrim, H4rdy, Hahoe and Lowkey; producers/DJs MOAI, Alivefunk, Jakeun and APEXXX; and visual artist LEERYAN. Individually, the members have been getting much attention namely Hahoe, Lowkey, Greengrim and LT who constantly release new material. … Continue reading New Area Drops Crew Album “Space Bound”

Monovated, Seora Drop “I Remember”

Rapper and producer Monovated has worked with singer Seora for the single “I Remember” now out on all major music portals. Monovated used to go by the moniker Daifa who has worked with numerous rappers before and released his first single in 2018. Seora was first introduced in 2016 as a featuring artist in Hash Swan and dKash project album. She later released her first … Continue reading Monovated, Seora Drop “I Remember”

Lym en Releases New EP “ReFresh”

RnB singer and member of the crew Juiceoveralcohol Lym en has just returned with his newest EP “ReFresh” yesterday. Lym en has been showcasing his musical talents through numerous works with other artists such as Jeebanoff, SOMA and Junggigo. The new EP is a a new journey following his two part album “Lost Piece”. It’s made up of five songs with the title track “Butterfly”. … Continue reading Lym en Releases New EP “ReFresh”

Zene the Zilla Drops 2nd Album “야망꾼”

So in case you missed it, Zene the Zilla is now signed to Ambition Musik joining Leellamarz, Way Ched, Keem Hyoeun, Changmo, Ash Island and Hash Swan. And to celebrate, he released his second album yesterday called “야망꾼”. The new album follows the releas of his first one “전화하지마 비행 중이야” back in December. This is made up of eight tracks with productions from Badassgatsby, … Continue reading Zene the Zilla Drops 2nd Album “야망꾼”