Loco Enlists Today, Releases EP “Hello”

AOMG’s Loco and news of his enlistment has been known to fans for a while. And to bid his fans a very nice goodbye, the rapper released his newest EP “안녕 (Hello)” today, the start of his training camp. The EP is made up of 5 tracks with producers Goosebumps, Gray, Kitsches, Woogie and Thurxday participating in all of them. Some featured artists are pH-1, … Continue reading Loco Enlists Today, Releases EP “Hello”

Released April 1 – 7, 2018

San E x Mad Clown’s “너랑나랑노랑” featuring Bumkey Hippy was Gipsy’s “Bed” featuring Jeebanoff in Dingo Music’s SUBWAY Live Park Bo Ram’s “Please, Stop Me (말려줘)” ft. Lil Boi Junkilla “Daydream” featuring Thomas Daniel 스멜스 (Smells)’ “무드에 취해” CUKE’s “MASK ON” featuring Gento, Ryno 카보 (Kabo)’s “Average” Flowsik x Jessi’s “젖어’S (WET)” Hanhae x Yang Dail’s “사실은” Damiano’s “COLORS” featuring Uzuhan JUSTIN PARK’s “NAHIMMASTAY (Namaste)” … Continue reading Released April 1 – 7, 2018

Released March 18 – 24, 2018

Still not late to catch up with everything we’ve missed out on last week. So here’s a quick review of some songs released last week, that we guarantee you should listen to! B-Free’s “TRON” Dope’Doug’s “젖은오후” featuring Hanhae JUSTHIS & Paloalto’s “4 the Youth” visual featuring OLNL, YESEO, Cherry Coke, Ku Onechan, Minje STXXCH’s “HAVE A NICE DAY” Brwn’s “Soul Dance” featuring HIZY SONGRAPPER’s “BE … Continue reading Released March 18 – 24, 2018

Hanhae Is Back With New EP “Organic Life”

It’s not food. Not milk. It’s an EP. And it’s from Hanhae! Brand New Music’s Hanhae is back with a new EP called “Organic Life”, apparently a mirror to his real and sincere self. It is made up of 6 tracks and released today digitally. He received help in the production from the likes of Primeboi and Nutty. The featured artists include Reddy, NO:EL, Esna, … Continue reading Hanhae Is Back With New EP “Organic Life”

Cheetah Drops First Full Album “28” and We Couldn’t Be Any Happier!

If there was any female rapper out there that we all wanted to hear new music from, I’m sure we’re all thinking of only one: Cheetah. The heavens have already heard us and viola! A Cheetah album. 😭 Rapper Cheetah who was first known through the first season of Show Me The Money has FINALLY debuted a full album that was long overdue. The album … Continue reading Cheetah Drops First Full Album “28” and We Couldn’t Be Any Happier!

Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

Grandline artist and producer Django has released his first LP yesterday “Seoul Jazz”, an album that talks about his feelings while living in his city, Seoul. Dwelling with jazz music mixed with some glorious vocals and witty raps, Django delivers his message clearly all through 14 tracks. All songs were produced by Django with the help of Kann Louis. Some artists who lent their voices … Continue reading Django Drops LP “Seoul Jazz”

Released September 17-23, 2016

Young West’s “New Day” Muzie’s “걔 소리야” featuring Hanhae, 황승언 Niel x Justhis’ “What’s Good” Crucial Star’s “Study Abroad” featuring Han-   One cool collab! “What Sub?” by Haha, Zizo, ICEPUFF and H2adin Deletis’ “Money To Play” featuring Ryno Ultima’s “Like A Lie (거짓말처럼)” featuring Shirosky, HAKI SUL (에슈엘)’s “Drive Together” featuring Microdot (Prod by Yella D) Jinbo’s “Only You And Me” featuring Jay Park … Continue reading Released September 17-23, 2016

DJ Juice Drops LP “Beautiful Life” Featuring An Array of Rappers

DJ Juice has been dropping various singles since last year, with artists rapping along to his beats. After much wait, he has finally dropped his LP titled “Beautiful Life” under his label Brand New Music. BEAUTIFUL LIFE Tracklist: We On (ft. Paloalto, Microdot) Beautiful Life (ft. San E, Verbal Jint, Babylon) YA (ft. The Quiett, Reddy) Poppin Bottle Life (ft. Cream Villa) BEATful LIfe (ft. … Continue reading DJ Juice Drops LP “Beautiful Life” Featuring An Array of Rappers

Released January 21 – 28

Cheetah’s “Blurred Lines” featuring Hanhae San E’s “I Am Me” featuring Mamamoo’s Hwasa Crybaby’s “Paramount” featuring Takeone Kassy’s “Dream” Jessi’s “Don’t Make Me Cry” Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam’s “Cave Me In” Sam Kin and Loco’s “Think About Chu” (with DTSQ on the instruments!) Masta Wu’s “SHIT” featuring DoK2 Snacky Chan’s “Mail Mail” Nafla x Big Banana “I Know Myself” Dakshood’s “Chameleon” featuring Justhis, … Continue reading Released January 21 – 28