Nucksal is “The God Of Small Of Things”

Vismajor member, Nucksal, just came back with a mean track yesterday out of his album, “The God Of Small Things”. The track “λ°₯κ°’ (Earn Ya Keep” features Rude Paper’s Koonta. Prior to this release, Nucksal has also pre-released the MV to another track off his album, “Skill Skill Skill” which features DJ Wegun.             Check out the MV below! Continue reading Nucksal is “The God Of Small Of Things”

SNS Roundup 02.04.2016

A throwback from Mad Clown with Soul Company: From Jidam. Happy graduation! From Beat Jay: From Gray: From Jay Allday: From Cheezy (of Crispi Crunch): From DinDin: From DoK2: Hangzoo and Geegooin. As shared by Gaeko: Deepflow, Nucksal and Don Mills. As shared by Hiphopplaya: From Huckleberry P. With Paloalto and Reddy: From Ignito: From Illinit. With Nucksal: From jucy: From LiVii: From Loben. With … Continue reading SNS Roundup 02.04.2016

SNS Roundup 05.01.2015

From Born Kim: From Champagne: Cohort members Jay All Day, Kangkook, Keith Ape, Okasian, Sean (@artdealer) with Tommy Lee, @euirieuiri, CL, GDragon, Harin (CL’s sister), Kiko Mizuhara, Xin, Lee Soohyuk, Tiffany (SNSD), and more. From Oscar: From DJ JCat: From DJ Soda: From DoK2: From Don Mills: From Elo: From G2: From Jidam: From J’Kyun: From JSlow: From KittiB: From NewDay: With Odee and Deepflow. … Continue reading SNS Roundup 05.01.2015