TheLoyalist: Meet Our New Teammate, Sha!

Through the years, The KHOP Loyalist has always worked alone. TKL Cessa has always managed the blog and social media accounts all on her own. We don’t complain, but there are tasks where we need help. During the DEAN x SAAY concert in Manila, our first ever media gig representing the blog, we needed help in taking photos. And here comes the part where we … Continue reading TheLoyalist: Meet Our New Teammate, Sha!

ME & KHH Winners

In coordination with the Philippine KHiphop Community celebrating their second anniversary as a fanbase, we held a give away contest for Philippine fans. And yesterday, the winners were already chosen, each of them to receive a copy of the albums indicated below! Congratulations to everyone and look out for the special entries on our blog about these fans and see why they won. Prizes will … Continue reading ME & KHH Winners

Gearing Up For #DEANinMNL 

The rising Korean RnB star is finally coming to my beautiful country, the Philippines! (Oh my freaking yay!) He’s scheduled on a two-day tour from August 6 to 7, the main details still unknown (more details from MCA Music). However, the Philippine fanbase is already gearing up and preparing for the most awaited days and here’s one of the activities lined up for Rebels! It’s the … Continue reading Gearing Up For #DEANinMNL 

[ PROMOTE ] Dean Philippines

Who doesn’t like Dean? Who doesn’t like his voice? Who doesn’t admire his producing skills? Who doesn’t think he’s an awesome guy? As the Deanfluenza is spreading worldwide, even the Philippines has gotten a great taste of it. Just this year, the first fanbase dedicated to the RnB singer,  rapper, producer and song-writer was founded. As small as it may be right now, the fandom … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] Dean Philippines


The fandom in the Philippines dedicated to the KHOP scene is getting even bigger by the second (thank the heavens!) And one of the new fanbases  is dedicated to none other than the illest label in Korea, ILLIONAIRE. Please show your support to the fanclub by liking their Facebook page! Facebook Page: ( They will soon be opening a Twitter account and website so stay … Continue reading [ PROMOTION ] ILLIONAIRE Philippines

Greetings From Vismajor and Changmo

Well, these aren’t really greetings specified for me. But these are some of the other greetings the Philippine KHiphop Community has received from various names. This time, they posted the greetings from Vismajor and Changmo. We really hope that one day we’d get to see these people perform live. Vismajor’s Deepflow, Don Mills, Nucksal and ODEE Changmo (who just dropped a mean mixtape recently. \m/) Continue reading Greetings From Vismajor and Changmo

[ PROMOTE ] KHIPHOP Philippines

I personally do not remember how I meet my online friends, especially when we share a lot of moments together. And it’s because of my friendliness over cyberspace that I was then introduced to a group of Korean Hiphop fans who eventually invited me to handle the fanbase. And here I am promoting our fanbase to you! KHiphop Philippines aim to bring Filipinos closer to … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] KHIPHOP Philippines