Released March 24 – 30, 2019

April is starting tomorrow. So before the Marchsays goodbye, here’s a quick rundown to all the new songs released this week. Tommy Strate’s “My Type Of” Limzy’s “In My Dream” Dean’s “Dayfly” music video (took us so long to get here!) Lobonabeat’s “Idontwannagotojail” Heize’s “이유 (No Reason)” Kimm Chaan’s “Calm Down” JTONG’s “오 직 직 진” featuring Lowdown 30 (nothing like good old hiphop-rock) Cifika’s … Continue reading Released March 24 – 30, 2019

TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

The year 2018 was full of amazing releases. We’re counting down the best based on our team’s choices. Here we go with TKL Sha’s favorite songs released this year and definitely stuck with her until now. “Lay Your Head On Me” – Crush This song was released as part of Crush’s introduction to the US market. I appreciate it so much for being a song … Continue reading TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

DEAN x SAAY Fire Up Manila in Joint Concert

On November 10th, South Korean RnB singer DEAN came back to Manila for his second show with SAAY, performing for his fans who missed him. Early in the day, Dean’s fans (call as Rebels) have already gathered near the New Frontier Theather where the concert was held. Knowing that it was his birthday as well, they prepare something special for him, from banners to balloons, … Continue reading DEAN x SAAY Fire Up Manila in Joint Concert

Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

Dean has been preparing for his much awaited new album “130mood: RVNG” especially after his 2017 single “Instagram”. After a year, he releases a new single “하루사실 (dayfly)”. The single is said to be part of the RVNG album. It features Rad Museum and the former f(x) member Sulli. Dean said in an Instagram story that his desire to feature Sulli is because he felt … Continue reading Dean Comes Back With New Single “Dayfly”

SNS Roundup 04.29.2018

Happy Sunday everyone! Let’s check out what some of our faves were up to today! From Gray at his Tokyo show! Nucksal and Horim for BANKTWOBROTHERS: From King MCK: Bfree and Jeremy Quest: Dean and Rad Museum at Amsterdam with SeSoNeon’s Hwang SoYoon! Dbo and Korlio in the US: 8Balltown with Plastic Kid: From Juneone (handsome as always): Look at this Breakers friendship!!! Samuel Seo … Continue reading SNS Roundup 04.29.2018

Swings Releases New Album “Upgrade III”

Just Music and Indigo Music’s main man Swings is back with a new album, the third one to his UPGRADE series. The album is made up of 16 whopping tracks, featuring some of the most promising artists and producers. The production was divided among IOAH, 김신, Squabby Doo,Gray and Nochang. Much to our surprise and appreciation, Dean and Colde are featured as vocal singers on … Continue reading Swings Releases New Album “Upgrade III”

Rad Museum Drops Mesmerizing First Mini-Album “Scene”

Club Eskimo’s artist-turned-singer-slash-producer Rad Museum has released his first mini-album yesterday called “Scene”. Because everyone from the crew has stolen fans’ attentions in the last two years, this material has had enough hype and excitement just as it dropped. “Scene” is made up of 7 tracks all produced by Rad Museum and reflects on the artists thoughts and experiences. He has received much support from … Continue reading Rad Museum Drops Mesmerizing First Mini-Album “Scene”

Experience Zico And His New Album “Television”

If this week isn’t as lit as it already is, Zico gives us another reason to believe it really is. Today, the rapper and Block B leader has released a new solo mini-album and is here to cement the fact that he is, amazing. “Television” is his second solo album after his first “Z” released in 2016. Unlike his first work which was a work of … Continue reading Experience Zico And His New Album “Television”

Millic’s First Album “VIDA”, “Paradise” MV Drop

Did you know that in Portuguese, “Vida” means “life”? Millic’s first album, elludes a very high feel of the grandeur of life, specifically, his life. On July 10, 6pm, HIGHGRND’s DJ and producer Millic released his first album “VIDA” made up of 9 tracks, all produced by himself and features an array of artists. For a week, HIGHGRND has hyped his album release by dropping … Continue reading Millic’s First Album “VIDA”, “Paradise” MV Drop