Shaun Drops New EP “Annyeong”

Shaun makes comeback with new EP “안녕” released today, the first day of 2019. After being one of the hottest topics of 2018, DJ and producer Shaun is back with new songs with his EP “안녕”. The EP is made up of 3 tracks, all with an accompanying music video and different messages to its listeners. “Traveler” talks about one’s desire to explore the night … Continue reading Shaun Drops New EP “Annyeong”

10 Songs You Need To Listen To If You Like Shaun

It may just be the first time ever that a not so popular artist in South Korea has dominated charts in South Korea for not just a day or two but for almost 2 weeks now. That is Shaun with his song “Way Back Home” from his EP “TAKE” released in June 27th. Shaun and his label DCTOM was then accused of performing “sajaegi” or … Continue reading 10 Songs You Need To Listen To If You Like Shaun

Why DCTOM and its Artists Are Redefining DJs and their Names

South Korea is definitely the center for all things music here in Asia. The rise of KPOP only became a door to a spring of other music the country can offer, such as Korean hiphop, indie music, and just recently, Korean EDM music. International DJs have become widely known due to their numerous appearances in music festivals all around the world. There’s Alesso, Martin Garrix, … Continue reading Why DCTOM and its Artists Are Redefining DJs and their Names

Released February 4 – 10, 2018

Swervy’s “Unmainstream” (Prod. Watapachi) Young Cream’s “Stomp” featuring Los, Gento B-free’s “Cold World” featuring Jeremy Quest JTong’s “Pinecone Rock” featuring Lowdown30 Sik-K, pH-1, Woodie GoChild’s “Garasadae” (Prod. Thurxday) Boin’s “EXIT” OLNL’s “Sweet” featuring Samuel Seo Naul’s “Baby Funk” Haan’s “Take Care” featuring Brwn Rico’s “Fruit Juice” Brick’s “Skip” featuring Rheehab Daywalker x Vandi’s “A.K.A” featuring Absint MKIT RAIN’s “Don’t Move” Continue reading Released February 4 – 10, 2018

DJs Juncoco and Advanced Drop “Atmosphere” Featuring Ailee

Through SM STATION, the DJs Juncoco and Advanced have released their single “Atmosphere” featuring vocals from singer Ailee. The song was first revealed during the 2017 World DJ Festival held last May, with Ailee performing the song live with them. The song is already available through online music portals. Check it and show these DJs some support! Continue reading DJs Juncoco and Advanced Drop “Atmosphere” Featuring Ailee

DayWalker Drops First Single “Zzuru”

South Korean DJ Daywalker releases his own single called “Zzuru” featuring the rapper Lako of Kiwi Media. For those of you who do not know, Daywalker is a DJ famous for being a festival and club DJ, usually going on major DJ festivals like ULTRA and World DJ Festivals, and regularly plays sets at MU:IN, Octagon and others. He is also one-half of the unit … Continue reading DayWalker Drops First Single “Zzuru”

IMLAY’s “Shurai” is Out!

IMLAY, through ScreaM Records, has finally released his EP “Shurai” (which we have been so excited for!). The EP was released on August 21 and consists of 6 tracks all produced by IMLAY. The title track “Shurai (Low)” was released with a viaual pack through the SM TOWN youtube channel (as ScreaM is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment). Meanwhile, “Decalcomanie” which features Sik-K was pre-released … Continue reading IMLAY’s “Shurai” is Out!

DJ Juice Releases Single “더쎄게 (Love Me Harder)”

DJ Juice has just released a new single and music video today, ‘더쎄게 (Love Me Harder) which features Skull and the vocals of Sanchez. The single release also comes with a remix of the same song done by Shaun and Vandal Rock. Check out the music video which shows various footages from the recent shows DJ Juice has been at! It is made available for … Continue reading DJ Juice Releases Single “더쎄게 (Love Me Harder)”

IMLAY x SIK-K Collab “Decalcomanie” Drops

Not a fan of SM but whenever they release a new SM Station song, I still as much as possible give everything a listen. So can you imagine my happiness when they announced IMLAY would release a song for them? “Decalcomanie” is an EDM track produced by IMLAY and features Sik-K’s raps and vocals. I’m definitely hoping people appreciate IMLAY’s beat making because he is … Continue reading IMLAY x SIK-K Collab “Decalcomanie” Drops