TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

The year 2018 was full of amazing releases. We’re counting down the best based on our team’s choices. Here we go with TKL Sha’s favorite songs released this year and definitely stuck with her until now. “Lay Your Head On Me” – Crush This song was released as part of Crush’s introduction to the US market. I appreciate it so much for being a song … Continue reading TheLoyalist : 2018 Picks by TKL Sha

Crush Releases “Lay Your Head On Me” For American Debut

News this year has stated that Crush is working to debut in America. He has been collaborating with US artists and producers and we feel as though this is close to completion. And yesterday, he released his first original English song “Lay Your Head On Me”. Sensual, emotional, considerate and sweet. That’s what we love about this song. Morenthan just the song, Crush delivered messages … Continue reading Crush Releases “Lay Your Head On Me” For American Debut

Hoody Releases New Single & MV “Sunshine”

Hoody is AOMG’s one and only queen, and we totally missed her. Today, she released her newest single “Sunshine” featuring Crush. The song is produced by Chacha Malone and talks about how one feels for their lover, as though they’re like sunshine. Thinking about this, we definitely could not understand how the music video is connected to it. Crush joins Hoody in this music video, … Continue reading Hoody Releases New Single & MV “Sunshine”

Crush Drops New Single “넌 (none)”

Singer and producer Crush is back with a new single called “넌 (none)” released today. The song is produced by Staytuned and comes with a music video directed by GDW. It talks about a lost love, and the black and white aesthetic matches well with how it moves a person’s hearts without its love. Crush is also gearing up for his “Wonderlust” concert happening on … Continue reading Crush Drops New Single “넌 (none)”

Somdef Drops First EP “Some Definition of Love”

Somdef, of WNA Records, has released his first EP “Some Definition of Love” today with 5 tracks. Somdef released the track “One Plus One” earlier which features rapper Loco and singer Bravo. The same track is included in this 5 piece EP that features more artists including BeWhy, Hoody, Jinbo, Sumin and George. The track “미끌미끌 (Slip N Slide)” features Crush and comes with a … Continue reading Somdef Drops First EP “Some Definition of Love”

Jinbo Drops “말하자면” MV

After a year, Jinbo came back with a new EP in 2017 celebrating and re-imagining some of the best RnB music through the years. One of his lead songs was “말하자면 (So To Speak)” which features Hoody and Crush. Part of the promotions included an expected music vieo for it. However, it never was released. Yesterday, August 13th, the long-awaited music video for the track … Continue reading Jinbo Drops “말하자면” MV

Released August 5 – 11, 2018

Crush’s “RYO” featuring Yu Byungun, Cifika Eluphant’s “Singapore Sling” featuring Esbee Paloalto’s “그늘 (Shelter)” featuring ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D & SUPERBEE KASPER’s “Duduru (뚜뚜루) (Clouds)” 더 굿 보이즈 (The Good Boys)’ “Hometown” featuring 153 Chillin Ovatime’s “Unlimited” featuring Newchamp, Feless Dope’Doug’s “Rodeo Star” MBA’s “Pass It” Continue reading Released August 5 – 11, 2018

Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

After the single “Bittersweet” released back in May, Crush releases his anticipated EP yesterday, July 13th called “Wonderlost”. And we love it, no joke. Meant to be enjoyed this summer, “Wonderlost” is a follow-up to the “wonder” series linked with the EP “Wonderlust” released back in 2016. The new EP is made up of stories by Crush and some of his friends who also feature … Continue reading Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

Crush Mesmerizes With New Single “잊을만하면 (Bittersweet)”

It was Crush’s birthday yesterday! Normally, it would be fans to give their favorite artists gifts during their birthday. But Crush would rather release a new song and let his fans bask in his glorious vocals. The single “잊을만하면 (Bittersweet)” was released on May 3rd, a track produced by himself and JBird, a producer who has worked with other artists such as Dean. A music … Continue reading Crush Mesmerizes With New Single “잊을만하면 (Bittersweet)”

Rhythm Power Drops Single “동성로” featuring Crush, Elo

If people don’t know who Rhythm Power is now, they might as well be living under a rock or something. All members have competed in Show Me The Money and have landed good spots, Hangzoo ending up as this year’s champion. But the trio is back proving that they’re all doing they’re best all together. Continue reading “Rhythm Power Drops Single “동성로” featuring Crush, Elo”