Released March 24 – 30, 2019

April is starting tomorrow. So before the Marchsays goodbye, here’s a quick rundown to all the new songs released this week. Tommy Strate’s “My Type Of” Limzy’s “In My Dream” Dean’s “Dayfly” music video (took us so long to get here!) Lobonabeat’s “Idontwannagotojail” Heize’s “이유 (No Reason)” Kimm Chaan’s “Calm Down” JTONG’s “오 직 직 진” featuring Lowdown 30 (nothing like good old hiphop-rock) Cifika’s … Continue reading Released March 24 – 30, 2019

Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

After the single “Bittersweet” released back in May, Crush releases his anticipated EP yesterday, July 13th called “Wonderlost”. And we love it, no joke. Meant to be enjoyed this summer, “Wonderlost” is a follow-up to the “wonder” series linked with the EP “Wonderlust” released back in 2016. The new EP is made up of stories by Crush and some of his friends who also feature … Continue reading Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

Hippy Was Gipsy is Back With New Album “언어”

On March 29th, RnB unit Hippy Was Gipsy, made up of JFlo (producer) and Sep (vocals), released their newest album “언어”, just right after gaining recognition and awards for their first album “Tree” in 2017. The new album is a greater feat for the duo, with tracks all produced by JFlo, and featuring artists made up of Cifika, Hwaji, Jjangyou, Jeebanoff and the saxophone player … Continue reading Hippy Was Gipsy is Back With New Album “언어”

CIFIKA Drops New EP “Prism”, Prepares For US Tour

Cifika has made a name for herself, all thanks to her electronic music that catapults you into an abyss of amazing, ear-scratchy tunes and the glimmer of mysic you probably haven’t heard of before. That was just the reason she won the Best Dance & Electronic Song for her track “My Ego” from the 15th Korean Music Awards. Today, to add up to her glory-filled … Continue reading CIFIKA Drops New EP “Prism”, Prepares For US Tour

The 15th Korean Music Awards Winners!

The 15th Korean Music Awards is an event we were looking forward to a lot this year. On February 28th, the awarding ceremony commenced and the winners announced. This year, we collaborated with Indieful ROK and shared our predictions for the winners. We have widened our broad of music we listen to and it was exciting to find out who had the best chances of … Continue reading The 15th Korean Music Awards Winners!

SNS Roundup 02.09.2018

It’s the start of Winter Olympics 2018. Let’s see what some of our faves got cooking today! From Apachi wearing Whole0000: From Snacky Chan: From Paloalto, with those J Dilla CDs! Hashtag legend: The SatGotBong crew everyone 😅 Cifika is us right now. lol From YunB, on the way to Japan! From the birthday boy, DJ Conan! With Sleepy, from Nucksal: From MINO: From Mrshll … Continue reading SNS Roundup 02.09.2018

Released August 27 – September 2, 2017

We have a lot of songs released this week, including those from SMTM6 and Legitgoons’ new album. But here are some songs you might have passed by. Listen up and hear new sounds you might just love! Cifika’s “ROW” (prod. by Jay Vito) Goosebumps’ “Trap And A Dream” Giiana’s “4Life” featuring Bevy Maco Cuke’s “LYF” featuring Boy Wonder Donutman’s “Rainy Day” featuring Whenya9 D.meanor’s “The … Continue reading Released August 27 – September 2, 2017