Sexy Street & Yello

sexy street yello

Sexy Street and Yello is an underground Korean hiphop crew that started out in 2009 with rappers based and came from Incheon. They originally came out with 6 members. But in 2014, they recreated themselves and added more members into the crew. CJamm is a rapper from Just Music and considered as the leader of the crew. BeWhy is a rapper and producer, and just recently has become Show Me The Money 5’s champion. Eumko is a video director and must have probably directed and shot your favorite rapper’s music video! ChoiLB (pronounced as Choi-L-B) is a rapper. He used to go under the moniker Lazy Bones and changed just recently. Keebo is also a rapper and member of the unit FLASHBANG with fellow rapper E-Jo (used to go under Slim Back Jean), who is also a member of the crew. Dive in Island is an illustrator while Anchor is the crew’s promoter.