Code Kunst Drops New Single “Too Late” Featuring JMSN

Producer Code Kunst seems to just be able to get any artist he wants to work with him on his songs. And it was still a surprise when he dropped his newest single “Too Late” featuring JMSN. JMSN is a US-based singer who has worked with international artists Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Kaytranada, Mac Miller and more. And in this new track, Code Kunst’s groovy and … Continue reading Code Kunst Drops New Single “Too Late” Featuring JMSN

Lil Boi, Takeone Release Collab Album, Announces Half-Time Records Establishment

Lil Boi and Takeone have both announced leaving Grandline Entertainment earlier and they now revealed it was because of establihing their own label, Half-Time Records. View this post on Instagram A post shared by HALFTIME (@halftime.official) on Mar 31, 2019 at 2:00am PDT For the new fans, Half-Time started as a producer unit with Lil Boi and DJ Dopsh and now they moved on to … Continue reading Lil Boi, Takeone Release Collab Album, Announces Half-Time Records Establishment

Rudals Releases First EP “Freewill”

Rudals has been relatively inactive but has shared that he has been busy with his studies and music for two years. On March 30th, he released his first EP “Freewill”, two years after his mixtape “High on Life” in 2017. The EP is made up of eight tracks and Rudals is once again responsible for overall production, lyrics composition, recording, mixing and artwork design. He … Continue reading Rudals Releases First EP “Freewill”

June One Kim Drops Solo “Versus”

Ever since leaving Beasts And Natives Alike, this will be the first official release by June One, or from Glen Check in general. The single “Versus” was released on March 30. The song is an alternative R & B song expressing his emotions and feelings musically, literally and even in a visual sense. “Versus” is a contrast between the desire to fall in love and … Continue reading June One Kim Drops Solo “Versus”

Released March 24 – 30, 2019

April is starting tomorrow. So before the Marchsays goodbye, here’s a quick rundown to all the new songs released this week. Tommy Strate’s “My Type Of” Limzy’s “In My Dream” Dean’s “Dayfly” music video (took us so long to get here!) Lobonabeat’s “Idontwannagotojail” Heize’s “이유 (No Reason)” Kimm Chaan’s “Calm Down” JTONG’s “오 직 직 진” featuring Lowdown 30 (nothing like good old hiphop-rock) Cifika’s … Continue reading Released March 24 – 30, 2019

ONiLL Release New Album “Strangers”

Rapper ONiLL has released his newest album called “Strangers” on March 27th made up of five tracks. ONiLL worked with producers Alive Funk, Ovcoco and Dive in Purple to create a dark, eerie and yet sensible soundscape on his thoughts about people and his emotions. Singer XulianX features in the song “puzzle”. TRACKLIST : 1. strangers Composed by Alive Funk Lyrics by ONiLL Arranged by … Continue reading ONiLL Release New Album “Strangers”

Zoorumpug Debuts with Psychedeliq

Singer-songwriter Zoorumpug makes a variety of music based on dream pop and bedroom pop and we are happy to finally hear him. He debuts with 8BallTown today with his double single “Psychedeliq”. You know us, we like psychedelic music and when we heard this, we were thrilled to listen. Both tracks “Psychedeliq” and “Say Me” are mixes of psychedelic sound and Zoorumpug’s warm vocals. And … Continue reading Zoorumpug Debuts with Psychedeliq

Producer Team 82.3MHz Drops New EP “C’s Treasure box”

Producer team 82.3MHz makes you think you’re listening to the radio, and we don’t have any opposition to that. They could fill our playlist for as long as they want. Made up of jazz player Coraslush and pop/rnb artist Coll’ 8va. they released their newest EP yesterday called “C’s Treasure box”. The EP is a result of the harmony between various genres they were aiming … Continue reading Producer Team 82.3MHz Drops New EP “C’s Treasure box”

K-INDIE: New Singles from OuiOui, Jang Pilsoon, Lee Luli and O3ohn

Another week where we hear new songs and basks in the glory that K-Indie music could only offer. Here are three new songs that we are currently loving. OUIOUI You know we love OuiOui and they just released a new single “Barabom” featuring Mind U’s Jaehee. It is a song fit for the spring season and we were actually surprised to see even the Korean … Continue reading K-INDIE: New Singles from OuiOui, Jang Pilsoon, Lee Luli and O3ohn

Jhnovr Drops New EP “Mechanism”

We Da Plugged’s Jhnovr has released his newest EP yesterday called “Mechanism” and we definitely approved the industrial sounds we hear. The EP is made up of four tracks and Tsuya, sAewoo and Newmaze participating in the productions. Other artists also wworked with Jhnovr on the tracks including Yunhway (for that lit Metal Slug track!), Young B, NO:EL, #Gun and King Sushi. CREDITS : 1. … Continue reading Jhnovr Drops New EP “Mechanism”