Hi Lite Records

Hi Lite Records is a hiphop label founded by rapper, Paloalto, in 2010 after leaving his former label, Jungle Entertainment. The current roster now comprises of Paloalto, BFree, Okasian, Reddy, Huckleberry P, DJ Jangga, G2 and the latest addition, Sway.D. Considered as one of the “purist hiphop” labels, Hi Lite boasts in focusing more on their music rather than the visual aspects. Each of them pursues their individual music styles and still come together becoming one of the most prominent hiphop labels in Korea.

hi lite


However last year, it was announced that Hi Lite has merged with media conglomerate CJ E&M, mainly for promotion and media purposes. Issues of losing the “independency” arose but Paloalto assured that they will continue to do their music.