Factory Boy Records


Factory Boy Records is a hiphop label founded in 2011 , headed by producer and rapper, Fame-J. It houses various underground rappers and producers. It’s current roster is made up of Fame-J, Illinit, i11evn, CMYK (Deffinite & Jeebag), Celma, Lil Cham, Analog Tag and Billy Carvin (formerly known as Loben).

A producer who started out underground and afterwards started Factory Boi in 2011.

Illinit was discovered through Sniper Sound but later on moved to Factory Boi in 2012. He has then been able to release numerous singles and an album.

i11evn is a rapper and was known to have trained to be part of BTS before debut. He then ventured into rapping in the underground scene.

CMYK (Deffinite & Jeebag)
CMYK is a rap duo made up of Deffinite and Jeebag. They formerly had a third member who now works as a producer. The two also release solo material.

A female rapper that has started her career with the label. She was able to release her first album “CHAM” in 2014 and later on joined Unpretty Rapstar.

Celma has been in the scene for longer than you realized, starting out with the now defunct label, Soul Company. She joined Factory Boi only recently.

Analog Tag is a producer that has been working with Factory Boi since its foundng.

In 2016, the rapper formerly known as Loben (a member of Prizmoliq) joined Factory Boi and released his first single.