VV:D is a 5-member crew made up of friends and is purely known for their positions in the KRNB and hiphop scene. They are made up of Loco, Gray, ELO, Crush and leader, Zion.T. VV:D has a unique color and if you’re asking what their crew name means, it’s just two “V” signs and a smiling face (you get it).

The crew started as a group of friends that usually went out together. Until in 2012 when they finally decided on being a crew. All of the members have their own outstanding musical abilities. And although they are rarely working together now, their fans are still loyal.

Zion.T is considered the leader of the crew, and is also the first member to gain mainstream popularity with his debut in 2011. He was then able to release his first album “The Red Light” under Amoeba Culture. In 2016, he then moved to The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

Despite people not knowing, it was because of ELO that VV:D became an official crew. He also started out as a rapper before moving on to be a vocal singer. and despite him only being able to hear with one ear, ELO has repeatedly exemplified his musical ability. He released his first EP in 2016 [8 Femmes].

Gray is a producer and singer and rapper (and overall hottie). He started with music in a hiphop club in high school and eventually learned skills as to being a producer. He debuted in 2013 with his first EP under AOMG [Call Me Gray]. And with his producing skills, he has then made a name for himself.

Loco is a rapper who was first introduced through his winning Show Me The Money 1 as the champion. He gained mainstream success after joining AOMG and being able to finally release music through his first EP [LOCOMOTIVE]. He has the ability to do sweet raps but also able to more fast-rhythm songs.

Being the maknae is certainly not Crush’s downside with VV:D. He first appeared publicly through a stint with Cheetah, calling themselves “Masterpiece”. Soon after the disbandment, Crush joined Amoeba Culture and from there was able to release more music including his debut single “Red Dress.


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