Krosshartz is a hiphop crew that started in 2013 with members WILLYEOM, Ja Mezz, Jin Dotgae, Han Sanghyub, Louie, Enan, Dakshood, Bangroz and Caleb. Their members range from rappers, singers and producers. Although inactively working together as a crew, Krosshartz members still collaborate with each other.


Rapper and leader of the crew. He is currently signed to Grandline Entertainment along with Louie, ENAN and Dakshood.

Rose to popularity after his stint in Show Me The Money. He has then been able to release 3 albums and just recently dropped a collaborative EP with WILLYEOM.

Popularly known as the other half of GEEKS (with Lil Boi). The rappers has already released two solo albums.

A producer who is seen to often collaborate with other Grandline artists.

Bangroz is a producer unit made up of Grene and Wonsic Bang. They often release remixes on their Soundcloud and also produce music for other artists.

Han Sanghyub is a rapper currently signed to SouLime Sounds and releases new material regularly.

Formerly known as Anjake (who eventually changed his moniker to O’Neal). He redebuted and has recently worked with Jin Dotgae for a collaborative album.

Enan is the only vocal singer in the crew and has released numerous singles, signed to Grandline Entertainment as well.

Caleb is a producer and works closely with the crew members. Although currently inactive with production, he already has a number of songs under his name.




(Note: Last updated Feb. 19, 2018)


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