Fanxychild is a new crew formed in 2016 currently made up of 6 members, rappers, singers, DJ and producers. It all started with a friendship that later on became a crew with Zico’s leadership. Due to the members’ reputation individually, they gained stardom popularity soon enough.

Zico is much more known as the leader of Block B and is also a member of the crew Buckwilds. He’s been active in the underground scene since he was in highschool.

Crush is an RnB singer, rapper and producer currently signed on with Amoeba Culture and is also a member of the crews VV:D and Club Eskimo.

Dean is also an RnB singer, rapper and producer known also as Deanfluenza. He started off his career in the underground scene, later on becoming a producer for various KPOP idols and just last year, debuting as a singer. He is also a member of Club Eskimo with Crush and Millic.

Millic is a DJ that unlike some, debuted first through UMF Korea and then started his career performing in clubs. He is currently signed under HIGHGRND eventually releasing his first album “VIDA” in 2017.

Penomeco is an underground rapper and first became active through his stint with the crew XVOI.  He is currently signed with million Market and has released numerous singles already.

Staytuned is a producer and is apparently Crush’ cousin. He is also a member of Band Wanderlust who usually does back up for Crush’s live performances.