Their name in Korean is spelled “대남조선힙합협동조합” and translates to “Great Southern Joseon Hip-Hop Cooperative”. Abbreviated, they call themselves DaeNamHyup. It is a 9-member crew consisting of i11evn, Rap Monster, Iron, Kidoh, DJ Snatch, Marvel J, Supreme Boi, Kyum2 and Samsoon. Illipse was one of the original members of the crew. However, his status with them is not confirmed.

The crew started out with Marvel J (leader), Supreme Boi, Rap Monster and Kyum2 during their 9th grade (approximately 2009). As they actively performed underground, more members came until their prime years from 2011 – 2014. The crew has been able to release a collaborative EP in 2014.

i11evn is the oldest member of the crew and is also signed to Factory Boi Records. Although he started out in his career as a rapper late, he was still able to capture a following for his style and charisma.

Supreme Boi became a trainee under Brand New Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment while still being actively being an underground rapper. He is now currently a producer usually working with the idol group BTS.

With the crew, IRON was noticed for his voice quality and reggae style. But with his stint in Show Me The Money 3, he has gained a bigger following and was able to release official singles. In 2016, he was able to release an album “ROCK BOTTOM”.

Kidoh trained under labels before finally debuting under Stardom Entertainment with the idol group Topp Dogg. In 2015, he left the group and began doing solo work.

Kyum2 is a rapper and usually posts his works on his Soundcloud.

Although inactive as a rapper, Illipse was once part of Grandpics and often performed with the crew. Other than rapping, he is also a producer.

Marvel J is the youngest member of the crew and is the leader. He first became active as a beatboxer and later on started rapping. He is now signed with All Right Music and released 2 albums already.

Samsoon is a rapper.s However, even during the high time of the crew,a he was inactive.

Rap Monster is now more known as the leader and member of the idol group BTS. Before debuting, he went by a different moniker. Although unable to perform with the crew, he still collaborated with the crew for their collaborative album.

DJ Snatch is the last person to be added to the crew. He was then responsible for the music during their shows and also produced some tracks for the members



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