Cream Villa

Cream Villa is a Korean Hiphop crew established in 2015, made up of Prizmoliq (Loben, Ban Blank), Ex8er, DJ Tiz, Bred, Quaimo and HIGH FLIES (Doplamingo, Scary’P). The crew is a predecessor to the now inactive crew Grandpics. After most of the members have stopped doing music, the now members of Cream Villa decided to create a crew of their own.

The crew has released two collaborative EPs namely [Creamtopia] and [In The Village]. They hold a concert called “Crump” every year.

Prizmoliq is a hiphop unit made up of two rappers: Loben and Ban Blank.

Ex8er is a rapper that started with his career joining the crew Grandpics.

Hails from Busan, Quaimo was not an original member of Grandpics. But with Prizmoliq’s suggestion to join the crew, the rapper later on agreed.

Bred is a graphic artist and usually works on the crew’s content especially for their album artworks and posters.

DJ Tiz is a popular turntablist and also produces songs.

A producer unit made up of Doplamingo and Scary’P. Although they work closely with the crew and together, both producers are also popular with their solo work.



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