Alter Ego is a Korean collective founded in 2015 and consists of members that are DJs, producers and photographers. They are known for their charismatic and new wave sets, and are resident members of Itaewon club CONTRA and Cakeshop.

They started out with 7 members, but DJ and producer SINQMIN left in 2017. They are now down to six and has recently just celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a show. The crew also works closely with another crew, MOSAIK (which is home to Juneone’s partner from Glen Check, Hyuky).

He is a member of the Korean band Glen Check with Hyuky under Beasts And Natives Alike.

DJ known for his charisma and bass sets. He is also part of Hexa Records and has recently been part of the DJ reality competition, TRIANGLE.

Xin Seha is a DJ, producer and vocal singer. He debuted in 205 with his first EP “24Town” which he worked with other musicians such as O3ohn. In 2017, he released his newest EP “7F, The Void”.

GRAYE (aka Moon Yirang)
Graye is a producer and DJ under Third Cultire Kids who produced for their artists. He has recently decided to go under his real name “Moon Yirang”.

He is the crew’s resident photographer and creative artist, usually in-charge of their show posters and promotional videos.

He is a photographer and was recently just added to the crew.

INSTAGRAM: @alteregoseoul


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