Current Playlist: Slomdug

Producer team Slomdug (Slom x Duplex’G) has released a set of tracks through their Soundcloud recently. And to be really honest, I am digging all of the songs. My favorite must be “24/7 365” which features vocals from Sik-K. I favor the more lively beats and this certainly fit my taste. I don’t need to hear voices or raps. This is worth to be called a carrier single already. My next favorite is “Off My Mind”. Started off as mild but the progression just kept me listening. I also liked the flute sounds that blended well with the bass inserts. Listen … Continue reading Current Playlist: Slomdug


Artist: Wutan Tracklist: No Role Model My Name Is My Name Do Do Do One Hunit 자각몽 20’s Line Story Young Forever Lucid Dreams 놀이터 Ballad Rap Champagne 데려다줄께 (Unplugged Ver.)   I’ve been a fan of Vismajor since 2013. It started all when I saw Deepflow and Wutan on a show poster. I wanted to know who they were. However, Wutan became my instant favorite. He was so cool, for me. The fact that he also became a finalist in Show Me The Money 2 was just too much. Zooreca is his first album and must I tell you … Continue reading ZOORECA

Prague City Trappin

Since the day Gaka released his mixtape ‘Prague City Trappin”, I have been listening to it at every moment I can get. There’s not much I can say about the mixtape since it’s only a compilation of Gaka’s produced music. But, what I will say though, is that even without words, I already love the whole mixtape. I am not a big fan of trap music. There are only a few of which I like. And somehow, Gaka has been my favorite trap music producer ever since I heard him do songs for Royalclass. There are just those times when … Continue reading Prague City Trappin

Welcome To Business

Artist: D-Unit Date released: Tracks: 1. Crush ft. Dok2 2. I’m Missin’ You 3. 늦잠(Late) 4. Turn The Lights On 5. Stereo 6. GoodBye TaTa 7. Luv Vision 8. 기념일 (Anniversary) 9. 주말이 오기전에 (Before the Weekend Comes) (ft. Red Roc)   My first favorite from this track is Crush. Anyone reminded of 2010 Usher and Ne-Yo sounds? All right. You can call me biased now. But whenever I hear a song with DoK2 as a collaboration, it just has to get into my favorites list. I love how it’s the first track giving the whole album a refreshing feel. … Continue reading Welcome To Business


Artist: Phantom Release Date: may 21, 2014 Tracks: Future Wife I Was Seoul Lonely (ft. Gain) Hang Up (Hanhae Solo) (ft. San E, C-Luv) New Era (ft. Navi) Under Age’s Song (Kiggen Solo) (ft. Hwi In of MAMAMMOO) Come As You Are (ft. Verbal Jint) You (Sanchez Solo) I Already Know Today (Inst) Phantom Power Dissonance I have been a fan of Phantom since they released “Hole In Your Face”. I’ve heard of Hanhae because of being a former co-trainee and friends with Block B. Kiggen was, of course, much more known before as Hybrefine who happened to have produced … Continue reading PHANTOM POWER

Can I Talk My Shit Again Vol. 2

Artist: Bizniz Release Date: Oct. 3, 2011 Tracks: Intro Blow Yo’ Mind (ft. I11evn) SWG Mojo’s Back (ft. J’Kyun) 문제아 (ft. New Champ) Nike Boots (ft. Mino) Sad Song (ft. NoS2ok) Seoulvival (ft. Made Man, Cockybaby) Turn On The Lighter (ft. Young Jay, Sanchez of Phantom) A.M.E (Fans Are My Everything) Outro (Guess Who) One of the songs that hit me from this mixtape is “F.A.M.E”. Fans are my everything, as it means. It’s nice to hear a song like this, especially from an artist that does not have that big of following compared to mainstream artists. Just goes to … Continue reading Can I Talk My Shit Again Vol. 2


Album: Redingray Artist: Gaeko (Member of Dynamic Duo) Release Date: Tracks: CD 1 1. Rhythm is Life 2. Passout (feat. Bumkey) 3. Seoul Blues pt. 3 (feat. Choiza DJ Soulscape, Lee Joohan of winterplay) 4. East 5. Chaser the Rapper 6. Oh my god (feat. DJ Friz) 7. No Make Up (feat. Zion.T and HA:TFELT) 8. Interlude by Simo 9. Silver Sonata (feat. Crush) CD 2 1. Snapper Ending 2. Mr. Vengeance pt. 2 (feat. Choiza, Yankee, Geegooin, Hangzoo) 3. Chaser the Rapper pt. 2 4. Hueng Hai (feat. Ailee) 5. Festival Virgin 6. Interlude by Simo 7. Rose 8. … Continue reading REDINGRAY


Artist: Yano Release Date: June 7, 2014 Tracks: 01. YF20 (PROD by GAKA) 02. 시체 03. To me 04. BEAST (Feat.Chancey The Glow) (PROD by GAKA) 05. HAPPY (Feat.Sangdo) (PROD by KIDOH) 06. DEAR (PROD by GOHN) 07. SKIT 08. 썅년 (PROD by fisherman) 09. 누구게 (PROD by fisherman) I have been following Yano ever since I learned about him in 2012 as a Stardom trainee. We knew him before as “Snoopy Swag”. Knowing he was in Stardom raised anticipation for his talents. When he finally debuted with Topp Dogg, he’s proven himself as a very good rapper. Not to … Continue reading YANOBOUT ME: FICTION