ODEE has been with Vismajor for so long. He’s released singles before including “Dirty” and “건방증”. In 2016, he released his first EP “SLY”. Artist : ODEE Released : November 2016 Tracklist:  Open Ending Underdog (ft. Don Mills, Wutan) Fleek (ft. MBK EK) S.L.Y (Still Look Young) (ft. Hwaji) Drop (ft. Nucksal) John Doe Deja Vu The Three Rich (삼부자) We personally waited for this … Continue reading S.L.Y.


Before Loco’s new album “BLEACHED” drops, we wanted to take a look back at his first EP “LOCOMOTIVE”, one of our personal favorites. ARTIST : LOCO RELEASED : November 2014 TRACKLIST :  손바닥은 보여줘 (Hands Up) (ft. Crush)  인상써 (Act Serious) (ft. Uglyduck, DJ Wegun) 니가 모르게 (You Don’t Know)  자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You) (ft. Jay Park)  무레하게 (No Manners) (ft. Gray) 높아 (We … Continue reading LOCOMOTIVE

Space Bars

Title : Space Bars Artist : Snacky Chan Release Date : June 11, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Path To Walk (ft. Owen Ovadoz, Im Sunghyun, Lazy Bones) 2. BOOM (ft. Mia Park) 3. InmaekHiphop (Skit) (ft. ChoiKwon Rapper, Ddolbae) 4. Funk N Drunk (ft. Ja Mezz, Hwaji) 5. Over The Top 6. (Bonus Track) Street Legends (ft. Singapore Kane) First off, I want to give … Continue reading Space Bars

파랗던 꿈

  Artist: EachOne & Soul One Release Date: March 30, 2016 Tracklist: 01. 파랗던 꿈 ft. Boi.B of 리듬파워 02. 별 03. 쉽지않아 Remix 04. Skit01 05. 넣어둬 ft. 수다쟁이 06. Skit02 07. 걱정하지마 (Remastering Ver.) 08. 그 때 그 시간 ft. J Slow, Deepflow 09. Back to My Future Remix ft. EVO 10. 자장가 ft. 마수혜 11. Lisa ft. VEN 12. 싸워 ft. Sama-D … Continue reading 파랗던 꿈


Artist: Wutan Tracklist: No Role Model My Name Is My Name Do Do Do One Hunit 자각몽 20’s Line Story Young Forever Lucid Dreams 놀이터 Ballad Rap Champagne 데려다줄께 (Unplugged Ver.)   I’ve been a fan of Vismajor since 2013. It started all when I saw Deepflow and Wutan on a show poster. I wanted to know who they were. However, Wutan became my instant … Continue reading ZOORECA

Welcome To Business

Artist: D-Unit Date released: Tracks: 1. Crush ft. Dok2 2. I’m Missin’ You 3. 늦잠(Late) 4. Turn The Lights On 5. Stereo 6. GoodBye TaTa 7. Luv Vision 8. 기념일 (Anniversary) 9. 주말이 오기전에 (Before the Weekend Comes) (ft. Red Roc)   My first favorite from this track is Crush. Anyone reminded of 2010 Usher and Ne-Yo sounds? All right. You can call me biased … Continue reading Welcome To Business

Can I Talk My Shit Again Vol. 2

Artist: Bizniz Release Date: Oct. 3, 2011 Tracks: Intro Blow Yo’ Mind (ft. I11evn) SWG Mojo’s Back (ft. J’Kyun) 문제아 (ft. New Champ) Nike Boots (ft. Mino) Sad Song (ft. NoS2ok) Seoulvival (ft. Made Man, Cockybaby) Turn On The Lighter (ft. Young Jay, Sanchez of Phantom) A.M.E (Fans Are My Everything) Outro (Guess Who) One of the songs that hit me from this mixtape is … Continue reading Can I Talk My Shit Again Vol. 2


Album: Redingray Artist: Gaeko (Member of Dynamic Duo) Release Date: Tracks: CD 1 1. Rhythm is Life 2. Passout (feat. Bumkey) 3. Seoul Blues pt. 3 (feat. Choiza DJ Soulscape, Lee Joohan of winterplay) 4. East 5. Chaser the Rapper 6. Oh my god (feat. DJ Friz) 7. No Make Up (feat. Zion.T and HA:TFELT) 8. Interlude by Simo 9. Silver Sonata (feat. Crush) CD … Continue reading REDINGRAY