TKL Notice

I don’t consider my blog popular, not even myself. I think, with the two years that I’ve been doing this, we’ve been experiencing gradual changes and following. Even though it’s slow, I believe it’s relevant and I am grateful for all the support I get. . As if the heavens are hearing my prayers, a number of events are coming to my country very soon … Continue reading TKL Notice

TheLoyalist #DEANinMNL Experience

I remember listening to Dean’s Here And Now last year through a friend who kept on sharing his Soundcloud. I gave it a listen and I didn’t stop following the guy. And within just a year, Dean, as a singer, has skyrocketed into uncontrollable popularity. So when the announcement of Dean coming to Manila dropped, I totally flipped. It was crazy! Being a fan of … Continue reading TheLoyalist #DEANinMNL Experience

TheLoyalist: Happy Hallyu Day Experience; Still Waiting For Dean

​I have told myself to stop with KPOP. I did actually, for the most part. Here in the Philippines though, the support for the KPOP scene is greatly still active. And very often, there are fan gathering events held for the pleasure of fans. I usually don’t go to KPOP events because first, I find it really boring. Second, the fanbases in these events are … Continue reading TheLoyalist: Happy Hallyu Day Experience; Still Waiting For Dean

TheLoyalist: A Take On Crush and Zion.T

Recently, Zion.T has announced to now be a part of YG’s sub-label headed by Teddy and Kush. As it may sound surprising since the announcement was made out of the blue, it is logical to end up as so since Zion.T is a known good friend of Kush. (source; original source taken from Instiz) Fans reacted diversely. Some think that moving to YG would halt … Continue reading TheLoyalist: A Take On Crush and Zion.T