TheLoyalist: Why We Love NELL and Groovyroom’s Collaboration “Today”

It’s no secret that we love K-Indie. And it is definitely no secret that one of our favorite bands in South Korea is NELL. So when NELL announced a new single, we were really expecting nothing but the best. But when the teaser for “Today (오늘은) dropped revealing that it was a collaboration with Groovyroom, we flipped! I consider it a sin when people who … Continue reading TheLoyalist: Why We Love NELL and Groovyroom’s Collaboration “Today”

Want A Good Amount of Tea? Tiger JK Gave Us That

It’s no secret towards Tiger JK fans that he spends a great amount of time on Twitter, speaking his mind and interacting with his fans, including all the memes he shares and laughs at, too. So when Tiger JK was online on October 11th, fans were just happy to see him. Not until he started ranting about a lot of things, including SMTM6. Tiger JK started … Continue reading Want A Good Amount of Tea? Tiger JK Gave Us That

TKL Notice: It’s Time For Fans To Share Their Concert Experiences!

Have you recently just watched your favorite artist live in concert? Or maybe you happened to drop by a club in Korea and enjoyed a showcase? If you have and you’re dying to tell everyone about it, then let The KHOP Loyalist become your platform! Here’s how to do it!. • Send in your experience in words (in English as much as possible) through email … Continue reading TKL Notice: It’s Time For Fans To Share Their Concert Experiences!

TheLoyalist: “Complex” Zion.T ft. GDragon

Just recently, Zion.T has dropped his album “OO”. Other than his title track “The Song” receiving quite the attention, his collaborative track with GDragon “Complex” has also caught everyone’s  attention, first because of GD, second because of the message of the song. It has become an issue that people view this song as a “diss” towards idols (source). Fans, of course, were just as quick … Continue reading TheLoyalist: “Complex” Zion.T ft. GDragon

TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

Early 2016, I’ve already heard of rumors that some promoters were planning to bring AOMG to the Philippines. But with the schedules of each of their artists, it became impossible to have them do a show here. However, near the middle of November, great news got my my way. It isn’t a secret that I handle the AOMG fanbase here in the Philippines. Around that … Continue reading TheLoyalist : #JayParkinMNL & K-Beauty Party Got Lit!

TKL Notice

I don’t consider my blog popular, not even myself. I think, with the two years that I’ve been doing this, we’ve been experiencing gradual changes and following. Even though it’s slow, I believe it’s relevant and I am grateful for all the support I get. . As if the heavens are hearing my prayers, a number of events are coming to my country very soon … Continue reading TKL Notice

TheLoyalist #DEANinMNL Experience

I remember listening to Dean’s Here And Now last year through a friend who kept on sharing his Soundcloud. I gave it a listen and I didn’t stop following the guy. And within just a year, Dean, as a singer, has skyrocketed into uncontrollable popularity. So when the announcement of Dean coming to Manila dropped, I totally flipped. It was crazy! Being a fan of … Continue reading TheLoyalist #DEANinMNL Experience