TheLoyalist: “Complex” Zion.T ft. GDragon

Just recently, Zion.T has dropped his album “OO”. Other than his title track “The Song” receiving quite the attention, his collaborative track with GDragon “Complex” has also caught everyone’s  attention, first because of GD, second because of the message of the song. It has become an issue that people view this song as a “diss” towards idols (source). Fans, of course, were just as quick and glad to jump on the issue, some already showing hate towards Zion.T. There have already been comments about it circulating the internet but I’ll just give my two cents about the whole issue here. … Continue reading TheLoyalist: “Complex” Zion.T ft. GDragon

TKL Notice

I don’t consider my blog popular, not even myself. I think, with the two years that I’ve been doing this, we’ve been experiencing gradual changes and following. Even though it’s slow, I believe it’s relevant and I am grateful for all the support I get. . As if the heavens are hearing my prayers, a number of events are coming to my country very soon involving KHOP artists and I am pretty excited. OFFROAD will be coming and we all know Kino and Rio are also underground names. Epik High will be doing a show in Manila in November as … Continue reading TKL Notice

Lee Hi Showcase in Manila

This news came to me the other day. It may not be KHOP but forgive me since I am so excited and I was just so happy! YG’s songstress is coming to my country for a one-night show. What’s making it more exciting is the fact that she’ll be here on her birthday! I already feel so special. 😭 I’m a fan of hers. My family just loves her voice and my mom even said that she was gorgeous. I’m not going to miss this since, if you’re a YG Stan, you’ll know the struggle of having to see your … Continue reading Lee Hi Showcase in Manila