[ SOUNDCLOUD ] ARTLOVER Debuts With “Want U Back”

We rarely talk about Asian Americans who start off their career overseas. But we always try to show our support. And today, we wanted to talk about a new female rapper we got the chance to listen to. ARTLOVER is a South Korean native and London based artist. She recently just released \her debut single “Want U Back” made available through Soundcloud. She revealed that … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] ARTLOVER Debuts With “Want U Back”


This past month, we’ve been introduced to a lot of new names. And here’s one that we’ve recently just been listening to: FR:EDEN. We first heard his single “Sleepless Night” with OPO last week and was curious with his music and his name. And yes. It led us to more tracks. You can start with his most recent single “구름극장” that featutes OCEAN released just … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] FR:EDEN

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] SLCHLD Drops “Emotions” EP

Korean singer SLCHLD might be a rookie but his Soundcloud releases has always showcased a very able and talented singer. After strings of collaborations, he’s out now with his first EP “Emotions”. The EP is made up of 8 tracks and features various underground singers including Rheehab, Ocean, RNMK, Jclef and Ripely. The EP is said to consist of emotions spanning from love, happiness to … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] SLCHLD Drops “Emotions” EP

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Eco Yard’s “YUNG”

Maybe lo-fi is a trend now in Korean underground music. I don’t know. But what I do know is that Eco Yard and his mates know just what’s up. He released a new track on Soundcloud called “YUNG” featuring Jvcki Wai (who just recently released a mixtape as well). The track is produced by Migu and Rogergoon, who we have to look into because this … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Eco Yard’s “YUNG”


We will never get tired of Dickids and its members. They are still young and I guess that’s why we’re always excited to see a new song or two from any of them. Count that as three because Bumby just released 3 lately. Rapper Bumby released a mixtape/EP through his Soundcloud last week, “여름은 우리를 자유롭게 만든다”. We’ve been repeating them and already considered “Simple” … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Bumby

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Bully Da Bastard “I Hate Me (사막)”

Dickids member Bully Da Bastard released a demo version of a song called “I Hate Me (사막)” on his Soundcloud today. We love the eerie intro to it but what really got us is the lyrics, which we believe talks about his disappointments about himself, even mentioning wanting to have done suicide before. We’re waiting for the full version of this because two verses is … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Bully Da Bastard “I Hate Me (사막)”