[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Bully Da Bastard “I Hate Me (사막)”

Dickids member Bully Da Bastard released a demo version of a song called “I Hate Me (사막)” on his Soundcloud today. We love the eerie intro to it but what really got us is the lyrics, which we believe talks about his disappointments about himself, even mentioning wanting to have done suicide before. We’re waiting for the full version of this because two verses is … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Bully Da Bastard “I Hate Me (사막)”

[SOUNDCLOUD] Leellamarz

Leellamarz was first known on Shoe Me The Money 5, although he didn’t make it to the finals, he was see with talent. And that was made more evident after the show and when he continuously made songs released through his Soundcloud. The rapper is also a violinist and member of the crew Wayside Town. He just recently dropped a track called “Choice”, produced by … Continue reading [SOUNDCLOUD] Leellamarz

[SOUNDCLOUD] Jooyoung “Sweet Life”

Jooyoung’s been fairly inactive but it’s nice to see him still doing music. And although he’s more known in the mainstream scene, we’re always happy to see him drop tracks on his Soundcloud and do music with some underground artists.  He just released “Sweet Life” last night and we defiitely love it. His sultry and sexy voice never disappoints. Continue reading [SOUNDCLOUD] Jooyoung “Sweet Life”