[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Easymind & cjb95

Producer Easymind and rapper cjb95 released a new mixtape called “Prologue”. made up of eight tracks. The mixtape has been released at least a week ago and is we’re still playing it even if we haven’t really talked about it. Cjb95 first got out attention after his debut the other month where he worked with the rapper Kim Ximya. We’ve only heard a few tracks … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Easymind & cjb95

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jooyoung, Sylarbomb, Kyum2

Here are some artists that we missed listening to and we’re glad they released new material, even if it was only on Soundcloud. Jooyoung “Wipe It Up Singer Jooyoung is busy with a lot of stuff and music is still one of them. He released a new track yesterday and we recommend a listen. Sylarbomb “Hypertension” Grack Thany is a crew we really need to … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jooyoung, Sylarbomb, Kyum2

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] JUNGSU “Tear Therapy”

We really haven’t had time to find someone new for us to listen to but life is good. And that’s what we actually thought when we listened to JUNGSU and his EP “Tear Therapy” JUNGSU is a Korean rapper currently staying in LA, California attending the UCLA and became a prolific music listener since 5th Grade. The first studio EP is made up of six … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] JUNGSU “Tear Therapy”


Here’s a special we’ve always wanted to do but haven’t found the opportunity to. Wet Boyz is a duo unit made up of producer and rapper. Homeboy and Haruhi. In 2017, they released their first EP “YET BOYZ”. On the 19th, the two released two new songs through their Soundcloud “上京(상경)”. Wet Boyz will be releasing their second EP on November 28th and these two … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Wet Boyz

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jayci Yucca

Jayci Yucca is a rapper a friend of ours listens to a lot. Unfortunately for us, we never really gave his own songs attention except for those he’s featured on. Today, we listened to his songs on Soundcloud. Here is one of his most recent tracks, released last Saturday, October 6th. https://soundcloud.com/jayciyucca/dil When that first note dropped, we thought someone would sing. But na-uh. We … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Jayci Yucca

[ SOUNDCLOUD ] A$hiroo

After the release of his first mixtape “Give Me That Oppai” this year, A$hiroo has gotten people’s attention, even landing spot on the HIPHOPPLAYA Show vol. 52 return this year. We found his mixtape and Soundcloud channel, and ended up listening to all his tracks. This certain we’ve shared, “Too Fast” feature another one of the rookie rappers we’re keeping an eye on, Mckdaddy. Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] A$hiroo


Rapper No9uto (pronounced as “noguto”) released his 6-track EP this year and we honestly were not that impressed. Only two tracks stood out for us and those are “신” and “꽃잎은 지고”. But today, we stumbled across his Soundcloud and saw that he released a new track “울지않았음해 (DON’T CRY)”. There are very few rappers who could also do some vocals in their songs (and … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] NO9UTO