SOTW: “Belief” – Jeebanoff

After getting much attention for his songs, Jeebanoff has then been nominated for awards for his songs, even winning at the Korean Music Awards 2017. That meant a lot more followers than ever, too. With that said, Jeebanoff then produced limited physical copies if his last album “For The Few” for the fans. He also just recently dropped a music video for his track “Belief”. … Continue reading SOTW: “Belief” – Jeebanoff

SOTW: Chunky!

I haven’t done a Song Of The Week entry for quite a while now. But I just couldn’t resist not talking about this wonderful song. Released last week as part of the newly founded Niche Movement, an underground rhythm and blues collection in Korea, Sumin, Horim and Nah Zamsue got together and created this beautiful song titled “Chunky!”, produced by both Sumin and Nah Zamsue, … Continue reading SOTW: Chunky!

SOTW: Pow Girl

I’m too addicted, I guess. Since I pressed “like” on this song on Soundcloud, I couldn’t press the same button after, afraid that it would ruin evergthng. My playlist starts with this and it is definitely a great way to start a day. This song was a remake of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite and was originally posted on Dean’s Youtube channel but was taken down after … Continue reading SOTW: Pow Girl

SOTW: Celebrate

This may be a little early to become anyone’s song for the week but this certainly will be staying on my playlist for a long while. Microdot just dropped another single yesterday, “Celebrate” and this features The Quiett, Babylon and Sanchez. The song is produced by BNM’s freshest producer, Primeboi. This has honestly been playing on repeat on my phone since its release. I believe … Continue reading SOTW: Celebrate

Song Of The Week: “Capture The City”

So, I’m back with another one of my SOTW specials after more than 6 months, I think. And here I am to feature #CaptureTheCity. I was not able to listen to this on the day it was released. But I wasn’t disappointed anyway. As I always say, any song with Yoon Mirae will always be amazing. But since this track was produced by Boyz Noize, … Continue reading Song Of The Week: “Capture The City”

SOTW: “Jucy Fresh”

As first track to Jucy’s first mixtape “Universe”, “Jucy Fresh” set the mood and feel of all tracks. It’s fresh so you just have to listen to it. I’ve been a fan of Jucy since she debuted with EvoL. I’ve researched her pre-debut songs when she still went by the stage name “Juni.J”. I have since then followed her and waited for official underground work … Continue reading SOTW: “Jucy Fresh”

SOTW: Jucy And Jenissi With “Attraction” Cover

I’m a fan of Bumkey and I certainly loved Attraction. When I first saw about this cover, I only imagined and thought that Jucy will be creating a rap for it, something light and slow. But I was wrong. Jucy didn’t “rap”, she sang it! And that was really something I wasn’t prepared for. I listened to Jucy’s raps in EvoL songs, her mixtapes from … Continue reading SOTW: Jucy And Jenissi With “Attraction” Cover