Keebomb Drops New Album “Relax”

Rapper Keebomb announced on the last week of December a new album coming its way, with the single “Airplane Mode” released early. On January 11th, “Relax” was released and features an impressive lineup of featured artists. The album is made up of seveb tracks and features singers Sumin and Oceanfromtheblue, and rappers pH-1, Owen Ovadoz and Penomeco. TRACKLIST : 1. Fantasy Composed by KeeBomb, room102 … Continue reading Keebomb Drops New Album “Relax”

Yumdda Releases New Album “살아숨셔2”

Yumdda has just come back with his third album “살아숨셔2” following his second one “MINA” released back in July of 2017. The new album boasts of Yumdda producing all of the tracks. He features artists such as Bassagong, Don Mills, Coogie, Uneducated Kid, Futuristic Swaver and Chaboom. The track “친구의 친구를 사랑헸네” and “비행” (featuring Futuristic Swaver were released earlier through his Soundcloud channel. The … Continue reading Yumdda Releases New Album “살아숨셔2”

Junoflo Drops First Album “Statues”

Junoflo is that man that continues to show his colors and trendy style. Today, after much waiting, he finally releases his first album “Statues”. The rapper dwells in thoughts of how statues represent not only the longevity of its life, but also the process of creating it with art, love, tims, and inspiration. The 12 tracks included in Junoflo’s first album tackle these stories in … Continue reading Junoflo Drops First Album “Statues”

Code Kunst Drops New Single “XI”

One of Code Kunst’s most popular, and personal favorite song in his sophomore album “Muggles Mansion” is “X”. And as a testament to his personal connection to it, he releases a new single following it up, “XI”. The new single was released yesterday and is made up of two tracks. “XI” still features the singer Lee Hi who Code Kunst has previously worked with. The … Continue reading Code Kunst Drops New Single “XI”

Yu Byungun Joins Starship Sub Label

Balming Tiger gained so much attention in 2018, a lot of it because of Yu Byungun’s rap style and charm. Recently, he left the crew and has announced that he has now signed with Starship’s sub-label Highline Entertainment. Highline Entertainment cureently houses DJ Soda, DJ Banto and producer Dress, who Yu Byungun has recently collaborated with. In his signing, the rapper, singer and songwriter will … Continue reading Yu Byungun Joins Starship Sub Label

New Singles from YunB, Tommy Strate, Mckdaddy, J-Cat

The first week of 2019 is already really crazy. So here’s a rundown on the latest single released in last few days, setting our new year great with their vibes and energy. YunB started of the new year great with his song “Woah Woah Woah”. He even has MBA in his music video. Talk about getting lit. Producer and DJ, J-Cat worked with Rick Bridges, … Continue reading New Singles from YunB, Tommy Strate, Mckdaddy, J-Cat

Producers GXXD Release Self-Titled Double Single

Producers Vangdale and Seyoung, who have previously worked with the likes of Sik-K and Coogie, have come released their first EP under the name “Girlnexxtdoor” (GXXD). The single is made up of three tracks featuring both Sik-K and Coohie for the lead track “Bellboy”. Singer MOON who has garnered much attention for her debut single “Million” is featured in”Come In”. It is a dance track … Continue reading Producers GXXD Release Self-Titled Double Single

New Year Headlines: Takeone, Zico, John OFA Rhee, SeSoNeon and more

Takeone leaves Grandline After being with Grandline Entertainment who helped Takeone carve his place in the scene for 6 years, the rapper took to his Instagram to announce that he has now left. It seems they parted with good terms and is pursuing an independent life in terms of his career. View this post on Instagram 오늘부로 그랜드라인에서의 항해를 끝마칩니다 6년간의 계약 기간 외에도 제가 … Continue reading New Year Headlines: Takeone, Zico, John OFA Rhee, SeSoNeon and more

Red Bull Korea Release Seoul Sori Compilation Album

Red Bull Korea hosted their annual music camp last September with some of the best DJs and producers as its participants. In accordance to their last Seoul Sori open exhibit that happened from December 28th to January 3rd, they released two compilation albums. The participating producers this year were DJ Soulscape, Choice37, Peejay, FRNK, Zayvo, Lionclad, Yangyang, SIMO, Akimbo and IOAH. Concentrating on creating sounds … Continue reading Red Bull Korea Release Seoul Sori Compilation Album

Shaun Drops New EP “Annyeong”

Shaun makes comeback with new EP “안녕” released today, the first day of 2019. After being one of the hottest topics of 2018, DJ and producer Shaun is back with new songs with his EP “안녕”. The EP is made up of 3 tracks, all with an accompanying music video and different messages to its listeners. “Traveler” talks about one’s desire to explore the night … Continue reading Shaun Drops New EP “Annyeong”

Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

Releasing his newest EP today, rapper VINXEN worked with producer BOYCOLD on all its tracks. The EP “BOYCOLD 2” is made up of 5 songs, following its prequel released by Sik-K. The lead track “Smoke” features the singer Jungin. The other track “Stingray” features Sik-K and is promoted by a live performance video. While Sik-K worked with more upbeat songs in his EP, VINXEN delivers … Continue reading Vinxen Drops New EP “BOYCOLD 2”

CZA Releases First LP “Reconnect”

Singer CZA tries to showcase his feelings and struggles in his life with his music. With the release of his first LP “Reconnect”, he wishes people could connect with him and his stories. The LP was released on December 26th and is made up of 10 tracks all produced by Segment, a new producer that is already really promising to us. The last track “Continue” … Continue reading CZA Releases First LP “Reconnect”

Dive in Purple Drops First EP “Alone”

HIVE Crew member Dive in Purple does not settle on just being known for a single and numerous featurings. Yesterday, he released his first EP called “Alone” and we know there’s more to come. The EP is made up of 7 tracks and has gathered collaborations from his fellow HIVE crew members, Bla$e Kid, Chillin Homie and Coogie. Three weeks earlier, he released the track … Continue reading Dive in Purple Drops First EP “Alone”

Bradystreet Drops New EP “He6rt Te6rs”

Rapper Bradystreet quickly followed up his mixtape “Cocaine Lullaby” with his EP “He6rt Te6rs” released today. The EP is made up of 17 tracks, already fit for a full-length album but Bradystreet says that he is working on an official album different from this one. He features other artists in the tracks inclusing Jvcki Wai, Changmo, PNSB, Kramo, Lo Volf and Zene the Zilla. TRACKLIST … Continue reading Bradystreet Drops New EP “He6rt Te6rs”

Sojeso Releases First Album “Spend”

As a DJ, producer and member of the band Pony, Sojeso’s everyday life revolves around music. And we see it fitting that he finally released his first full-length album “SPEND”. The album was released on December 22nd through his label Honey Badger Records. It is made up of 10 tracks all produced by him. According to the news, the album will also be available on … Continue reading Sojeso Releases First Album “Spend”