Giriboy Drops New EP “High Technology”

Rapper and producer Giriboy has just released a new EP yesterday called “hightechnology”. The EP is made up of 12 tracks, 3 of which are only available on the CD. It reveals Giriboy’s trendiness and future-oriented sounds. The production includes Cosmicboy, GRAY, DAX, dnss, Mist and Minit, while WYBH crew members Choi LB, OLNL and Kim Seungmin, with Crush and Vinxen are featured artists on … Continue reading Giriboy Drops New EP “High Technology”

Glowingdog Drops Single “At Night”

Producer and DJ Glowingdog has just released his new single “at night (밤에)” on July 19 along with a cool, mesmerizing music video. Glowingdog is an active DJ and producer, who apparently has been producing for some YG artists through outsourcing. The single features the rapper XulianX, who debuted in 2017 with his EP “the OutComes”. Check the song below! Continue reading Glowingdog Drops Single “At Night”

DJ Kisewa Assaulted Right After Show at Contra

Cakeshop and Contra Seoul seem to always be in the middle of extreme issues. On July 15h, just right after the Pride Month after party collaboration with SHADE Seoul, DJ Kisewa, who was part of the line-up, was assaulted in front of the venue and sustained multiple bruises and cuts. The DJ was apparently hanging out the club after the show when a man, identified … Continue reading DJ Kisewa Assaulted Right After Show at Contra

Bassagong Released 2nd Album “탕아”

Legitgoons’ Bassagong has released his second solo album “탕아” yesterday, July 18, with the title track “축하해 (HBD)” music video. The album includes music from producers Code Kunst, iDeal, Authentic, Kim Park Chella and BLNK. Featured artists include JTong, Kid Milli, Jayho, Paloalto, GONG and Ahn Shinae of the indie group the Barberettes. Bassagong’s first album “출항사” was released back in 2015 under INPLANET. Additionally, … Continue reading Bassagong Released 2nd Album “탕아”

Kidd King is Back With New Album “Houston We Have A Problem”

Released on July 16, Clarity Crew’s Kidd King dropped his newest album called “Houston We Have A Problem” made up of 14 tracks. The album is made up of 14 tracks with production from Wavy Jean, jnkfood, TOYCOIN, Whenya9 and more. Kidd King also features other artists such as Lif of Hojj, SOMA, Punchnello, Donutman and OLNL. TRACKLIST: 1. 펑 2. 我还要 3. Break Me … Continue reading Kidd King is Back With New Album “Houston We Have A Problem”

NO:EL is Back With 2nd Album “DOUBLENOEL”

Indigo Music is really on a roll, we cannot reiterate that as much. After their compilation album and Jvcki Wai’s album released just last week, rapper NO:EL is next to release his new album “DOUBLENOEL”. NO:EL’s first album “ELLENOEL” was released last September, and after his move to Indigo Music, he releases his second which contains 14 tracks in total. It contains ther stories of … Continue reading NO:EL is Back With 2nd Album “DOUBLENOEL”

RD Releases Solo Album “Breath of Purple Ocean”

For those that don’t know, us at the KHOP Loyalist listen to various sounds that we discover in South Korea. One sound that is under-represented in the country is Reggae. But we still listen and find it relaxing especially after all those days you get to listen to EDM and some tiring trap music. South Korea’s reggae community forefront may just be Rude Paper and … Continue reading RD Releases Solo Album “Breath of Purple Ocean”

Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

After the single “Bittersweet” released back in May, Crush releases his anticipated EP yesterday, July 13th called “Wonderlost”. And we love it, no joke. Meant to be enjoyed this summer, “Wonderlost” is a follow-up to the “wonder” series linked with the EP “Wonderlust” released back in 2016. The new EP is made up of stories by Crush and some of his friends who also feature … Continue reading Crush Drops New EP “Wonderlost”

OLNL x Cosmicboy Debut as Areyouchildish with Single “회전목마”

WYBH members OLNL and Cosmicboy team up to release material under the moniker “areyouchildish”. Their single “회전목마” was released yesterday, July 12th. The two have been attracting attention for their individual solo projects, with OLNL releasing his EP “전체이용가” and Cosmicboy’s “Can I Cosmic”. Their abilities with witty lyrics and unique sound combined for the new single “회전목마”. The song criticizes adults and their unfriendly … Continue reading OLNL x Cosmicboy Debut as Areyouchildish with Single “회전목마”

Simba Zawadi Releases 1st LP “Names”, Jabs Diss with Huckleberry P

Simba Zawadi released his first LP “Names” on July 11th made up of 10 tracks, made available on major music portals. The LP is made with the help of producers Don Sign, Dsel, Acacy, Viann and more. Surprisingly, direction was maintained by Dsel and BeWhy. Shortly after the release of his LP, Simba Zawadi gets dissed by Huckleberry P indirectly, although a lot of peole … Continue reading Simba Zawadi Releases 1st LP “Names”, Jabs Diss with Huckleberry P

Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Sik-K released a new single on July 11th called “youth.wit.purpose” made up of 2 tracks with producers Groovyroom and Vangdale responsible for the beats. The theme of the single is “purposeful youth” and contains stories of young people searching for love. The two tracks “그래 그냥 내게 바로 (Skip And Kiss)” and “너가 좋아하길 (Up All Night)” are impressive songs with Sik-K’s signature melodic rapping … Continue reading Sik-K Drops New Single “youth.wit.purpose”

Dress Finally Makes Comeback with “Haynie”

Producer DRESS made his debut in 2015 with a single featuring Lydia Paek called “Emotion”. Afterwards, the producer moved to YG and joined the first lineup of artists and producers under The Black Label. DRESS was known as producers for various Show Me The Money 5 singles by YG Team and NCT’s Mark’s “두고가” in Highschool Rapper. After departing from YG, DRESS is back with … Continue reading Dress Finally Makes Comeback with “Haynie”

George Drops First EP “Cassette” & MV for “하려고해고백”

After receiving much attention for his previous singles “Boat” and “Swimming Pool”, singer George released his first EP “Cassette” on July 6th, which is made up of 5 tracks. It seems to be a very good time to release an EP such as this, especially with people giving R&B based music much attention, and even commercial success. Emotion is an important keyword in describing George … Continue reading George Drops First EP “Cassette” & MV for “하려고해고백”