Skolor Releases His New EP “BETHERE”

Rapper Skolor has released his solo EP on April 13th and includes producers Pure100% , Laptopboyboy, Tokyotrill and Kenni. Some of the tracks have been released last year as singles and music videos. Some featured rappers are Tokyotrill, Tyosin, 23vrsz and ACE COOL. The track “Youth” also features a remix version. TRACKLIST : 01 Youth 작사 SKOLOR 작곡 Pure 100%, SKOLOR 편곡 Pure 100% 02 … Continue reading Skolor Releases His New EP “BETHERE”

Ejo Releases First Album “Mind Web Wanderer”

DJ and producer Ejo has released his first album called “Mind Web Wanderer” on April 13th. People think the mind is a map, but Ejo believes it is more of a web where everything is connected in various ways and not particularly singular. He displays the same thought in the creation of his sound space where even if there is a certain flow of songs … Continue reading Ejo Releases First Album “Mind Web Wanderer”

Jeebanoff Drops New Single “We (OUI)”

Singer Jeebanoff is back with his newest single “We (OUI)” featuring Sogumm following his last single “B.T.N” released earlier this year. The single features the same song with two versions, one featuring Sogumm. It’s produced by The plan8 and features amazing vocals. THe music video was shot in Hong Kong. CREDITS : Executive Producer : goodtomeetyou Lyrics by jeebanoff, sogumm Composed by jeebanoff, The plan8, … Continue reading Jeebanoff Drops New Single “We (OUI)”

Siggie Feb Drops His Newest EP “031”

After winning the ALL DAY OUt organized contest GOLDBAR$, rapper Siggie Feb has dropped his newest EP “031” The number 031 represents the area code of Siggi Feb’s hometown of Gyeonggi-do and in the album he talks about his honest thoughts in living there and following his dreams in Seoul City. The rapper worked with producer BadMax on all tracks and features other rappers QM, … Continue reading Siggie Feb Drops His Newest EP “031”

“Pizza Break” Compilation by Euroko Pizza is Out

Pizza franchise EUROKO PIZZA released a music project called “Pizza Break” on April 10th made up of five tracks and participated by various artists. Viann and Khundi Panda have once again worked together for the track “조마무도회” while Horim and producer J.Sin worked on “Hold On”. Trippy Dog (formerly known as Jin Dotgae) worked with Big Will on the song “Kingpin” while Grosto and O’nut … Continue reading “Pizza Break” Compilation by Euroko Pizza is Out

i11evn is Back With New Album “F.O.G”

Maybe it’s just us but we missed i11evn and his music for sure. After a long hiatus, he has come back with his album “F.O.G” released last weekend. The eight track album is a clear message of both i11evn’s past and future thoughts about himself and his music. It’s unclear if he’s part of a label but he made his album available on Youtube for … Continue reading i11evn is Back With New Album “F.O.G”

Rakun Drops his first EP “In My Pride”

Rakun’s album “In My Pride” EP has been released on April 8th. It is made up of 7 tracks and features other artists QM, Joystick, Bu Hyunseok and Koreangroove. Rakun is part of the same crew as Koreangroove, Bu Hyunseok and more. TRACKLIST : 1. 위급 2. Runnit (Feat. QM) 3. Cool Breeze 4. DJ 2BAE Skit 5. Midwinter’s Night (Feat. Joystick) 6. iphone 8 … Continue reading Rakun Drops his first EP “In My Pride”

K-INDIE : OOHYO Drops Album “Far From the Madding City”

OOHYO is undeniably one of our favorite indie musicians who could offer nothing than beautiful music and meaningful messages to her listeners. Yesterday, she released her sophomore album “성난 도시로부터 멀리 (Far From the Madding City)”. The album is made up of 12 tracks and is all about her observations living in an urban city. And rather than just focusing on the negative things, OOHYO … Continue reading K-INDIE : OOHYO Drops Album “Far From the Madding City”

Ku Onechan Releases New Single “Dear Me”

Here is yet another personal favorite of ours who made a comeback this week. Singer Ku Onechan has dropped his newest single “Dear Me” yesterday. The track produced by Glowingdog is Ku Onechan’s newest release since joining Peaches Label. The track features Jang Sukhoon (formerly known as Yu Byungun, in case you missed it) who recently enlisted to the army. Is it just us, or … Continue reading Ku Onechan Releases New Single “Dear Me”

Brwn Drops New Album “Rendezvous”

Brwn has constantly worked on music that catches you on first listen along with some class lyricism. On April 4th, he released yet another album, “Rendezvous”. Brwn features a wide array of fellow artists in his newest album made up of nine tracks: Eptend, Kimchidope, Wonjaewonjae, Oceanfromtheblue, Kembetwa, Siggie feb and Basick. He made all the songs available for streaming on his Youtube channel so … Continue reading Brwn Drops New Album “Rendezvous”

Mojochoi Drops EP “Body”

DJ and producer Mojochoi just released his first album called “Body” yesterday and it’s both an eerie and beautiful soundscape to travel through. The album is made up sf six tracks all produced by Mojochoi, a DJ always present at some sick parties including those curated by 808%. When that first line from “Lateness” came on saying “I sold my body”, we were sure enough … Continue reading Mojochoi Drops EP “Body”

Superbee x Uneducated Kid Drop EP “Catch Me If You Can”

After establishing Young and Rich Records, Superbee and Uneducated Kid has been actively performing and releasing new songs Yesterday, they released their collaborative EP “Catch Me If You Can”. The EP Is made up of six tracks and is now made available on all major music portals. TRACKLIST: 1. 법인사업자 Freestyle 2. 문제아 (Full Ver.) 3. How to Live 4. 세상을 속여라 5. 대학교 축제 … Continue reading Superbee x Uneducated Kid Drop EP “Catch Me If You Can”