FLASHBANG is a new hiphop unit composed of Sexy Street & Yello members, Keebo and E-Jo. They released their first mixtape in August 2016. KEEBO Birthday : November 20, 1990 Twitter : @KeeboKookyBoy Instagram : @keebokookyboy       E-Jo Real Name : Jo Sunghyun Birthday : November 10, 1993 Twitter : @Jzo10 Instagram : @sst_e_jo Fact: used to go under the moniker Slim Black Jean Flashbang Instagram : @sstflashbang … Continue reading FLASHBANG Profile

Introducing Psycoban

Psycoban is a member of the Korean hiphop crew, BUCKWILDS and is currently signed under Stoneship. He is considered as a versatile musician for being versed in a lot of fields including rap, vocals, production and instruments. He has produced numerous songs for the likes of Giriboy, Fana, Verbal Jint, Swings and more. Real Name : Jung Hoonhong Birthday : February 25, 1986 Twitter : @psycoban Instagram : @psycoban … Continue reading Introducing Psycoban

Introducing Candle

Candle is a rapper currently signed under Brand New Music. Before joining the famous hiphop label, Candle was said to have been a trainee for an idol group, MADTOWN. He debuted in the duo with fellow rapper, Champagne. Currently, they have ventured into being solo artists.   Real Name : Lee Kang Birthday : Jan. 3, 1989 Twitter : @officialcandle Instagram : @itzcandle   Listen to his … Continue reading Introducing Candle

Introducing BeWhy

BeWhy is a rapper that started out in 2009 along with his other crew members from Sexy Street & Yello Music. Since the drop of their crew album “We Yello”, the members have been cited for because of their talent and raps, earning them a steady number of supporters and  fans until today. After releasing a number of singles and eventually, his first album in … Continue reading Introducing BeWhy

Introducing Futuristic Swaver

Futuristic Swaver is a rapper and producer from Busan. Although not confirmed, he also goes by the moniker “Laptopboy” for production work. His songs are more inclined towards trap and avant-garde hiphop. He started out producing and releasing songs with fellow rappers from Busan until he was noticed after collaborating with Sway.D. Often, he releases singles through his Soundcloud page. Currently, it seems he is working … Continue reading Introducing Futuristic Swaver

Introducing Loben

Loben is a member of the hiphop unit Prizmoliq and crews Grandpics and Cream Villa. Although as a solo, Loben is yet to release something, his unit has already cemented themselves in the underground scene after doing multiple collaborations with various rappers.   Real Name : Kang Jonghu Birthday :December 17, 1986 Twitter : @Loben1217 Instagram : @loben1217       Check out some of their songs below! … Continue reading Introducing Loben