LARW & TKL Exclusive Interview with ELO

VV:D Crew can be considered as one of the most prominent South Korean collective, taking into consideration the popularity that is attached to each of its member: Zion.T, Gray, Loco, Crush and Elo. The first four members have enjoyed their share of fame especially after individual projects and releases. After joining AOMG in 2015, Elo’s name then gathered more popularity, especially from international fans. In … Continue reading LARW & TKL Exclusive Interview with ELO

TKL Exclusive Interview With Hunger Noma

With the rise of social media sites and free music portals such as Soundcloud, people think that becoming a popular artist comes off as easy. But it’s never always the case for everyone. We’ve sat down with Hunger Noma and found out more about him, his music, and his plans. He’s been rapping since 2013, debuting with his mixtape “Palette”. His recent material is the … Continue reading TKL Exclusive Interview With Hunger Noma

FFQ: J-Dogg

J-Dogg has been in the scene for a long while and have been active as a producer and rapper, starting off a member of Rhymebus and then being part of Black Anvil. Let’s re-introduce the rapper to the new generation of fans through this quick FFQ interview.   TKL: When and how did you start as a rapper/musician? JDOGG: 정식데뷔는 2007년 Rhymebus라는 팀의 멤버로 정규앨범을 … Continue reading FFQ: J-Dogg

Young Lion, A Mix of Hardwork and Luck

There are so many rookie rappers creating and releasing music nowadays and sometimes, it’s so hard to keep up and be familiar with each and every one. One of my personal favorites from the big list is Young Lion. It all started when I heard his parts in one of Donutman’s songs from last year, “Glow”. I found him cool and I wanted to hear … Continue reading Young Lion, A Mix of Hardwork and Luck

Dontcallmeadog Always Wants To Have Fun

I’ve featured his name once in an article. He usually gets into my SNS Roundup posts. People see his face in magazines. And recently, through some music videos, too. And have I ever mentioned how much I like the guy? Dontcallmeadog, or Han Seungjae as his real name is, has gained a big following from the KHOP community already. Aside from being a model, he … Continue reading Dontcallmeadog Always Wants To Have Fun

Toy: Come Challenge Me

In a world where mostly men dominate, seeing a number of female rappers making names for themselves is quite amazing. And one of them that we’re quite familiar with is Toy. Following her appearance in Show Me The Money 3, where she was part of Team Illionaire, Toy headed out and became more active after officially being a part of XVOI. If you’re not yet … Continue reading Toy: Come Challenge Me