FFQ: J-Dogg

J-Dogg has been in the scene for a long while and have been active as a producer and rapper, starting off a member of Rhymebus and then being part of Black Anvil. Let’s re-introduce the rapper to the new generation of fans through this quick FFQ interview.   TKL: When and how did you start as a rapper/musician? JDOGG: 정식데뷔는 2007년 Rhymebus라는 팀의 멤버로 정규앨범을 내면서였어요.하지만,이미 데뷔 몇년전부터 다른 뮤지션들의 앨범에 프로듀서로서 혹은 래퍼,싱어로서 다수 참여하면서 경력을 쌓아갔었습니다. 데뷔당시 저는 DJ DOC라는 한국음악계의 레전드 격인 팀의 리더 이하늘(a.k.a.이도사)이 세운 힙합레이블 BUDASOUND의 소속이었고,팀으로서 활동하던 Rhymebus는 저와 현재는 프로듀서로 활동중인 Peejay로 이루어진 … Continue reading FFQ: J-Dogg

DJ IT On Being A Musician

It’s like a requirement for a label or crew to have at least one DJ. They have less appearance on stage compared to rappers but if you want a party and have the best music playing, you have got to have their help. In the light of the start of the first DJ survival show, we had a chance to talk to one of the popular DJ’s in Korea and is signed under Brand New Music, DJ IT, and find out a bit how their lives are. QUESTION: Other than being a DJ, what else would you want to try … Continue reading DJ IT On Being A Musician

A First on Debi

I’ve been following ODB since last year and I was pretty surprised to learn that one of them has Filipino roots like I do. He was the first one to dish it out on me. Debi, or “Debi King” as he’s sometimes called is the other half of rap duo ODB with Owen Ovadoz. He has already been featured in a number of songs including ones with G2, KeeBomb, D.Action and Simba Zawadi. And there is still so much more to look forward to about him. QUESTION: What would be your perfect breakfast meal to start the day? DEBI: Healthy … Continue reading A First on Debi

Halftime With Layboy

Finally coming back to the scene with a new EP (and a  single to be released today!), we had a chance to chat with Layboy and talk about some things about him and his work. QUESTION: What’s your favorite color? LAYBOY: All black. TKL: Wow. I guess most rappers like black. LAYBOY: Of course. It’s black music. And my EP album title song name is “All Black”, too. TKL: My next question actually is about your recent EP. QUESTION: What’s your favorite track from your recent album, “AK”? LAYBOY: 악(Ak) is Best 왜냐면 이게 이 앨범 제작당시 내 감정을 제일 … Continue reading Halftime With Layboy

Young Lion, A Mix of Hardwork and Luck

There are so many rookie rappers creating and releasing music nowadays and sometimes, it’s so hard to keep up and be familiar with each and every one. One of my personal favorites from the big list is Young Lion. It all started when I heard his parts in one of Donutman’s songs from last year, “Glow”. I found him cool and I wanted to hear more. If you haven’t heard him yet, better start with his Soundcloud. . That’s why when I saw that he joined Show Me The Money 4, I was rather pleased and satisfied. He’s got the … Continue reading Young Lion, A Mix of Hardwork and Luck