[ PROMOTE ] South Korea DJs Fanpage

More than just hiphop and underground DJs that are receiving much attention roght now, I have been giving much appreciation to EDM and club DJs as well. Surprisingly, when it comes to the KHOP scene, these two groups are pretty much different from each other, music-wise and exposure. However, after digging up, I’ve seen that DJs from both scenes actually know each other. And it’s surprising that right now, local Korean DJs are becoming much more in demand rather than clubs trying to invite coreign acts to their shows.  And to cater with the needs of fans to e more … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] South Korea DJs Fanpage

[ PROMOTE ] FY! Reddy

  I am no Tumblr person. I have an account there but I have never found it as exciting or fruitful as really having your own site.  But that may just be me. But a lot of fansites are actually based on Tumblr, if not on Twitter. Reddy is slowly becoming more popular especially after being part of Show Me The Money 5. And to help with the growing following the rapper is gaining, please show your support to the first online fansite dedicated to Reddy. Right now, there is only one admin that handles it. Make sure you give … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] FY! Reddy

[ PROMOTION ] Club Eskimo (Fanpage)

There are a lot of Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to the hottest and coolest crew in Korea right now, Club Eskimo. But not one that was based on Facebook. Since Club Eskimo itself didn’t think it would be nice to create their own Facebook page, we did it for them. It all started when a friend asked if anyone could handle a fanbse dedicated to Club Eskimo. I said yes. We first thought that our main audience would be Filipinos (since we’re both from the Philippines). But we were surprised. The first people who came to the page were … Continue reading [ PROMOTION ] Club Eskimo (Fanpage)

[ PROMOTE ] KHH PH Year-End Awards

The Korean Hiphop community in the Philippines is having their first ever year-end award that aims to recognize the artists that have left a mark this year. They are planning to give out the awards on their first gathering on the 30th of January. Cast your votes on their official poll below! Hurry because the voting ends on January 24, 2016 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/KHIPHOPPH/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/khiphopph   http://prcessvip.polldaddy.com/s/khiphop-philippines-awards Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] KHH PH Year-End Awards

[ PROMOTE ] Beenzino Philippines

Been a fan of Beenzino since I heard he was in Illionaire Records. From someone who is a rapper to an artist to an all-around guy, what else can you ask for? As much as he is popular internationally, the number of fans he has in the Philippines is still rather small. And that’s what Beenzino PH aims to do: introduce Beenzino to the country. It’s still a small team dedicated to the rapper, but a lot of other KHOP fans have been supporting the fanbase. The admins do their best to give updates on what Isshoman is up to. During … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] Beenzino Philippines

[ PROMOTE ] Giriboy Philippines

Giriboy has been noted as one of the rappers with the best faces. Some shows would gather a big number of fans whenever the lineup included him. And just as he has become more popular both underground and mainstream, a lot of Filipino fans have followed Giriboy, too. Not to mention him being part of Show Me The Money 3. Please support this budding fanbase dedicated to Giriboy founded in the Philippines!   Facebook Page: Giriboy Philippines Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/giriboyphilippines/ Twitter: @Giriboy_PH Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] Giriboy Philippines

[ PROMOTE ] KHiphop Real Talk

Been lurking in the KHOP fandom for a long time and I think I’ve gained some friends already. I don’t know everything about the KHOP scene, nor do I consider myself an expert when it comes to the culture. And that’s why I love having a diverse community of fans around me. I only share news and general information about the scene. It would help if we hear what other fans have to say. This blog is created and run by a friend of mine who has been a longer fan than I have. Her posts are mainly opinions and … Continue reading [ PROMOTE ] KHiphop Real Talk