Where all my Filipino KHOP fans at?! Seeing your favorite artists is no longer a dream (unless ya’ll want to go to Korea first and enjoy the scene first-hand)! The first ever Korean hiphop show will be coming to us on September 15, 2017 in Manila. The concept of the show is somewhat similar to hiphop festivals in South Korea such as Hiphopplaya. The line … Continue reading KOREAN STREET SOUND 2017

Goodbye Secret Society 02 ?

In 2015, Bill Stax (formerly known as Vasco) founded his own club in Seoul. Secret Society. Known as that secret club where there’s no sign, no “normal” entrance, secret, thanks to that Coca-Cola vending machine which is actually the door into the club. It houses to hiphop artists and black music, just like the roots Bill Stax is known for. The club has then been … Continue reading Goodbye Secret Society 02 ?

Donutman, Prima Music Drop Concert Details

May is right ’round the corner and we already have shows on the way. Donutman is going to hold his first ever headlining concert named “Into The Dawn”. This is going to be on May 12th and his special guests include Young Lion and Kid King. Prima Music Group is also going to hold their first ever concert to be called “Trophy” on May 27. … Continue reading Donutman, Prima Music Drop Concert Details

NIKE Air Max “REBELS” CFs & Show

Nike has launched a new ON AIR series featuring some of the hottest acts in the Korean music scene now. T hey started the ON AIR series with Bulhandang and MKIT RAIN rappers. Hyukoh, Kang Sane, 1Million dance team, DJ Tezz and XXX also released videos. Along with this, NIKE has revealed a show to be held tonight March 25th titled “REBELS” where all artists … Continue reading NIKE Air Max “REBELS” CFs & Show

International Concerts March 2017

CLUB ESKIMO in Canada Dean’s crew Club Eskimo is coming to Canada and we’re all excited. Dean, Miso and Chekparren appeared during Crush’s show in London and it proved how much popularity they have internationally. This time around, they’re headed to Canada with Dean, 2xxx!, Miso and Offonoff. They’ll  be heading out to Vancouver and Toronto. Make sure ya’ll turning up! JESSI in the USA … Continue reading International Concerts March 2017

Hiphopplaya Festival Scheduled in April, Artists Lineup Announced

The most awaited Hiphopplaya Festival has recently just announced the day and venue for the event, including the big names headlining it! The festival will be held at the Nanji Hanggang Park on April 8th. The current line up of artists announced includes DoK2, The Quiett, Kim Hyoeun, Changmo, Hash Swan, Nucksal, Don Mills, Justhis, Sik-K, CJamm, and Nafla. More artists are expected to be … Continue reading Hiphopplaya Festival Scheduled in April, Artists Lineup Announced

[ K-INDIE ] The Solutions Concert “Chemistry”

Korean indie band The Solutions is gearing up for a new concert series scheduled on February 25th and is to be called “The Lab #1: Chemistry”. For more information about the concert, you can check the Mintpaper website or The Solutions official Facebook page. The Solutions is a band signed with Happy Robot Records, that debuted in 2012, first as a duo. In 2014, they … Continue reading [ K-INDIE ] The Solutions Concert “Chemistry”

ADV 2017 Tour, Hiphopplaya Festival Announced

Hiphop crew ADV has become something even bigger in 2016. And to kick-start their 2017, they just announced their upcoming tour! The tour will be attended by the members JJK, Olltii, Lugoh, Reflow, Joyrain, DJ Kendrickx, Drev, gJ and Brother Gun, to be held in four cities: Daegu, Gwangju, Seoul and Tokyo. It will kick off at Daegu on February 4th with Huckleberry P as … Continue reading ADV 2017 Tour, Hiphopplaya Festival Announced

DoK2 for MicSwagger2, MKIT RAIN in China, Other News

Christmas Day has just passed but the scene never seems to take some rest. Here’s the news we got today! Mic Swagger 2 has dropped the teaser to the upcoming newest episode featuring Illionaire Records CEO, DoK2. The new episode will be dropping on December 28th! After a recent succesful concert in China, MKIT RAIN rappers are coming to the country. Scheduled on December 31st, … Continue reading DoK2 for MicSwagger2, MKIT RAIN in China, Other News

Yeppunonnie PH to Bring Jay Park To Manila

Philippine cosmetics distributor Yeppunonnie Corporation is holding an event on January 24th showcasing some known cosmetic brands. To make the show more exciting, they invited Jay Park to turn things up and hotter a bit more. At the Valkyrie in Makati, just along the center of business in the Metro Manila area, the show will start at 8pm and is expected to end at 2am, a … Continue reading Yeppunonnie PH to Bring Jay Park To Manila

TakeOne Coming Back, Grandline Show

Rapper Takeone has been silent for a very long while now. A few days ago, Grandline Entertainment dropped news that the rapper is preparing for a comeback and an album titled “녹색이념”. Although unconfirmed still how many tracks his album will have, the release has already been announced to be December 31st. To celebrate his, Grandline has announced another label show set on the same … Continue reading TakeOne Coming Back, Grandline Show

SRS 2016 Championships

The underground crew ADV hosts an annual freestyle competition where it goes to the major cities in South Korea and searches for the best freestyle rapper in the country. Last year, their champion was Baddyhomie (now known as Luda). This year, after going through Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Seoul, and Daejeon, we’re off to the championship set on November 12, 2016. This year, Street Rap Shit … Continue reading SRS 2016 Championships

Keith Ape Asia-Pacific Tour

Keith Ape is getting more widely known and along with that are numerous shows lined up for the guy. The rapper will be on tour from October 27th to November 10th, going to countries across Asia and the Pacific namely China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Ticket details are yet to be released. For more details, you can check Keith Ape’s Facebook page. … Continue reading Keith Ape Asia-Pacific Tour

Seoul Hiphop Film Festival

The Seoul Hiphop Film Festival is scheduled from October 19th to November 4th where various films and documentaries centered in the hiphop culture will be shown. For some, hiphop is only music. Through the Seoul Hiphop Film Fetival, they aim to show that hiphop is also a culture and a person’s way of life. There will be various types of films to be shown ranging … Continue reading Seoul Hiphop Film Festival