[ SOUNDCLOUD ] Easymind & cjb95

Producer Easymind and rapper cjb95 released a new mixtape called “Prologue”. made up of eight tracks. The mixtape has been released at least a week ago and is we’re still playing it even if we haven’t really talked about it. Cjb95 first got out attention after his debut the other month where he worked with the rapper Kim Ximya. We’ve only heard a few tracks … Continue reading [ SOUNDCLOUD ] Easymind & cjb95

KittiB Drops”1718 (Salem)”

KittiB has released her double single “1718 (Salem)” yesterday made up of three tracks. But rather than the usual KittiB we’ve seen before, her two year absence in music has led her to a different approach to her music since her last release in 2017. The lead track “Anymore” showcases more of a singing KittIB, and “Witch” isn’t that much different (if you don’t include … Continue reading KittiB Drops”1718 (Salem)”

Released June 12 – 22, 2019

And you thought we already forgot to refresh you with some of the newest releases this week. Check them all out. Kid Milli’s “Duracell + Xanny” featuring Yunhway Changstarr’s “Diamonds Eternal” featuring Jeremy Quest, Kinnshaa Wish, Eggu Crucial Star’s “Cigarette” Lil Boi , TakeOne’s “갔다 올게” Ted Park’s “They Don’t Know” Samuel Seo’s “D O W E” Hyuncho’s “chillinovatime” Skull’s “Ye Ye Yo” featuring Superbee … Continue reading Released June 12 – 22, 2019

K-INDIE: nokdu, Jacoby Drop Coin Wash

Producer Nokdu and singer Jacoby (of Jacoby Planet) has just released their collaboratove single called “Coin Wash” yesterday. These multi-talented artists was a breath of fresh air among all these indie releases lately. Jacoby has been working on a lot material but this is the the most recent. And including producer nokdu who we just learned of at least four months ago, was a perfect … Continue reading K-INDIE: nokdu, Jacoby Drop Coin Wash

Giriboy Drops New Album ‘100 Years College Course’

Just Music’s Giriboy has released his sixth album ‘100 Years College Course on June 10. The album is made up of nine tracks with their instrumentals and producers Code Kunst, Fisherman, Cosmicboy and Bae Jaehan. He features other artists in the album including You.ra, Kid Milli, Lil Tachi. Heize, Kim Seungmin, NO:EL, CJamm and Jclef. TRACKLIST : 1. 도쿄 (Feat. 유라 (youra)) 2.아퍼 (Feat. Kid … Continue reading Giriboy Drops New Album ‘100 Years College Course’

Loopy and Nafla Release Album “LooFla”

MKIT RAIN’s Loopy and Nafla has been preparing for their collaboration album and it just dropped yesterday. The album is named ‘LooFla’, a combination of their names (that we honestly have Don Mills and Nucksal to thank for,. lmao). The EP is made up of 12 tracks with producers Junirochef, Code Kunst, Big Banana, Louis Maui and Tunnelno5 participating. Graphic artist Sambypen worked on all … Continue reading Loopy and Nafla Release Album “LooFla”

Paloalto Drops News Single ‘Art Of War’

Paloalto has released his double single Love, Money & Dreams Part 1 earlier this month with the tracks Get It and DEAD which features Kid Milli. Ahead of the second part, he released the single ” Art of War” featuring Bully Da Bastard. The song was produced by Holymoley and released yesterday on Hi-Lite’s Youtube and Soundcloud channels. The new double single EP is expected … Continue reading Paloalto Drops News Single ‘Art Of War’

Wikiyoung Drops Cyber City 666

Rapper Wikiyoung has released his first mini-album called Cyber City 666 on June 7 and is made up of six tracks. This release hints at a new direction and start to Wikiyoung’s career. CREDITS: 1. AVI STAR (Feat. Young West) 작사 wikiyoung 작곡 Yenyenbeats 편곡 Yenyenbeats 2. Fear of god (Feat. Lil Frost) 작사 wikiyoung, Lil Frost 작곡 pluto 편곡 pluto 3. Pick up 작사 … Continue reading Wikiyoung Drops Cyber City 666

Omega Sapien Drops New Single “Pop The Tag”

Balming Tiger’s Omega Sapien has released his newest single “Pop The Tag” yesterday. And it’s such a banger! The song was created through the work of producer Lee Suho and Omega Sapien on his verses. No Identity worked on the post-production. Omega Sapien is expected to release his first EP in the second half of the year and to participate in Balming Tiger’s Europe Tour … Continue reading Omega Sapien Drops New Single “Pop The Tag”

K-INDIE: JIDA Releases New Single “Bloom”

Producer JIDA is back with her newest single called “‘Bloom’ released on yesterday made up of two tracks. Bloom features singer Ga Eun and paints many emotions with the low pitched piano and synths, made even warmer by thew vocals. Still In Our Time features singer 우예린 who also uses Japanese lyrics. The track was co-produced by singer and songwriter OBON and is about a … Continue reading K-INDIE: JIDA Releases New Single “Bloom”

Kimchidope Drops New EP “DO NOT HATE ME”

Kimchidope’ has released his new EP “DO NOT HATE ME” released on May 27th. It is made up of six tracks and features an array of other artists including Wonjaewonjae, Siggie Feb, Lean Lean and QWER. Producers YNSK and BadMax participated in the production of the songs. The EP si made available on all major Korean music portals. TRACKLIST : 1. LEVEL (feat. WONJAEWONJAE) 2. … Continue reading Kimchidope Drops New EP “DO NOT HATE ME”

Sway D Released His New Album “Sway Dragon”

Sway D released a new album Sway Dragon recently featuring seven new tracks. Rappers ZENE THE ZILLA, Don Mills, Futuristic Swaver, Swervy, and Bassagong participated in the recording. The lead track “Moneycane” and “Dragon River” were released the same day. The album has been released in music portals and all audio has been made available for streaming on Hi-Lite Records Youtube Channel. TRACKLIST : 1. … Continue reading Sway D Released His New Album “Sway Dragon”

MacNine Drops New Single “DiRECTiON”

Rapper MacNine (Mac9) released a new single “DiRECTiON” on March 26 following the release of his EP “Fresher Than mo’ ll” in April. This track shares a message to women to express their ideals in a guy. CREDITS: Lyrics by Mac9 Composed by Mac9, MEANDI Arranged by MEANDI Mixed by CiaNo @cianotebook Mastered by 권남우 @821 Sound Mastering Source: HiphopLE Continue reading MacNine Drops New Single “DiRECTiON”

Meego Releases First EP “160 Degree”

You might remember Meego on a couple of songs he featured in, including Cosmicboy’s “Can I Love?” with You.ra. The singer has just released his first Ep yesterday called “160 Degree” and it’s definitely one of our new favorites. Meego first debuted in 2016 but decided to work further with his craft, and in 2018 he released the single called “017” ansd followed it up … Continue reading Meego Releases First EP “160 Degree”