New Singles From Canhaz, Tagger and Dumbfoundead!

CANHAZ Korean RnB singer is back with a new single called “BAD” that features Acacy, who also just released an EP recently. The beat was produced by Xenovibe while the music video is directed by FIXIT.   TAGGER After his debut single “Your Dress” released back in June, TAGGER is back with a new single produced by Twelv. “Alway” was released today and comes with a music video by 88 Gymnastic Heroes.   DUMBFOUNDEAD Preparing for the release of his new EP coming out on the 12th, Dumbfoundead has released a new single today, “KILL ME”. The track is produced … Continue reading New Singles From Canhaz, Tagger and Dumbfoundead!


Young Thugs Club started out as a rap crew slowly making their way through the scene. But as time went by, they gained more members and are now doing steady activities in making themselves known. Some of the members are already signed with labels, some still work independently. Woodie GoChild is already signed with H1GHR Music while Ember has recently just been revealed to have joined Feel Ghood Music. Each member specializes in a skill and as a crew, the members are greatly involved in each other’s materials. On November 25th, the crew revealed their profile photos shot by Booba. … Continue reading YTC4LYF