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Started as a personal blog in 2014 and now ventured out to become your go-to site for everything Korean Hiphop. The KHOP Loyalist’s goal is to bring you all the latest news and information about the KHiphop scene, in a more fan-friendly manner.

Information on this site are based from three of the major Korean hiphop websites, HIPHOPPLAYA, ROKHIPHOP and HIPHOPLE. Other information may come from artists’ SNS or other official sites.




The KHOP Loyalist offers a wide range of information that fans can feed themselves on.

Concerts and Shows
News about shows and concerts relating to the Korean Hiphop scene inside or outside South Korea

Fan Culture
We try and help Korean Hiphop fanbases be known and get more support. If you handle a fanbase/fan account or an activity involving KHOP fans, let us know and we’ll help you promote it. Send us your links and details. It doesn’t matter which country you’re from. We can also feature certain contests in coordination with KHOP fanbases and promote certain/notable KHOP SNS accounts. Move the culture. One love.

FFQ Interviews
Five Fun Questions, that’s what it is. We do a yearly roll of FFQs to help artists be known and fans to be introduced to them, giving it a fun twist for everyone to enjoy. We also have interviews with some of your favorite artists.

Just Released
We give you your weekly updates on the most recent released songs, music videos or audios.

A weekly dose of gems discovered from the Korean Indie scene. As some of the artists we know collaborate and share relationships with K-Indie artists, why not also get a taste of their world? May contain specials on recent releases, band profiles, lyrics and more.

We give you romanized lyrics of some of your favorite songs. Give us a request and we’ll try to post it for you.

Meet Them
Meet some of your favorite names in the Korean Hiphop scene. Know more about them and see where you can be able to follow them through SNS.

What’s hot and trending in the Korean Hiphop scene?! Check them out here!

SNS Round-Up
A round up of all photos shared through SNS. Let’s see who’s active today!

Song Of The Week, that is. A random review of random songs every week, especially the ones The Loyalist found LSS worthy.

Your weekly dose of new Soundcloud channels from various artists, producers and DJs that you might want to check out and listen to.

Special articles made by TKL may be out of boredom, position on an issue or because she just wanted to spazz.

We’ve got a bit more to say than what you read on the main articles. “TKL Notice” are announcements about the site and other SNS. “TheLoyalist” are words from the founder and her experiences.

A review on a full album/mixtape/EP/LP. Will contain reactions on songs and which favorite tracks are.





TKL Cessa is an executive assistant by day and a fangirl all throughout the rest, with a passion in the KHiphop scene and the fan culture revolving around it. She became a fan in 2010 after being introduced to Epik High’s music and later on ventured to the underground scene. Currently, she works as an admin/staff for various KHiphop fanbases in the Philippines including AOMG PH and TheBlackLabel PH. When she’s not too busy being online, Cessa is out trying a new cafe or reading a book besides her cats.





14 thoughts on “About The KHOP Loyalist

  1. omg! just found your blog, didn’t know someone actually made one for khiphop. i was so excited to roam around and didn’t notice you’re from PH, how cool is that? my hype multiplied by 68! recently joined the fb group but i’m shy to comment, post, or wtvr, i’m new to the khiphop and kr&nb scene, only knew a few artists and i can’t seem to get a hold of how may good songs i’ve heard with that few people

    i actually am pretty sad bcos i can’t seem to find anyone i knew to talk about it, and like, i doubt there would be fans from the ph that hv the same music taste as mine, i wished they we’rent all kpop trash (like i do, before) and be blessed with good music from khiphop artists. anyway, i’m fine now bcos i found u guys and i’m having like .01% chance that if the fanbase grows a little more, we could actually bring some of the hiphop artists here. i was actually aiming for seeing them live while they’re not that big, like when dean (i am a dean shit) wasn’t even releasing his ep, not known yet, for them to perform at small small rooms, bars or halls or something bcos that would be cool hearing and seeing them perform and just jam and we won’t need securities bcos hell yeah we’re disciplined fans (tho i dont think i can calm down lol) but yeah!

    i hope this wasn’t too long (it was lol, im just so hyped up), just wanna let u know ur efforts are very much appreciated! love lots xx


    1. Hi there! Thanks for appreciating my blog. Been doing my best to get on low down of things and I appreciate it ao much when people recognize my efforts. I may not update this as much as I wanted to, but I’m also working hard on all the other pages I handle. I also wish rappers and artists would decide to visit the Philippines. It just sucks that producers here do not recognize the potential they’re missing out. Oh well. Hope to talk to you over at the FB Group and see you one day! I go meet up with people every now and then so yeah.. 😀 one love!


      1. ikr! i don’t think producers here will ever recognize them, i mean hiphop artists in korea have big fanbases but they’re not really recognized in national televisions for some reasons, plus the fact that producers here are not actually looking for potentials, they are looking at the money they’ll earn if they bring an artist here.

        oh i remembered jay came here like idk 3 or 5 yrs ago? and that’s a small venue and i’m dying to go, but i didn’t, i was so dumb it was in our city yet i didn’t make it, i was just a super broke kid back then. i watched an interview of jay and he was asked about the crazy things fans do, and his ‘serious’ answer is like in the philippines he heard that it’s common to kiss artist in the cheeks, and idk i feel like: are artists afraid of that? lol he’s practically having hoes but afraid of fans kissing him lol i hope they wouldn’t be traumatized bcos of the actions of certain fans here

        also, i’m hoping to bond with all of you too, but i don’t think i can make it on the 15th, i had plans and i do not know how to go to the venue and i don’t have someone to go together, plus wouldn’t i be out of place? lol i mean i do not know 98% of the artists u talk about there, and i don’t stalk the ones i know bcos i’m just listening to their music AND IM A SUPERB AWKWARD TURTLE LOL KBYE


        1. That’s true. Show producers seek out money. But honestly, they are so missing out for not getting them.
          Jay is a hoe. He answers like a hoe. I don’t mind. Lol fans in Korea really don’t do that, kissing idols. It’s way too much. But you know how Filipinos fangirl over people. Way too overboard sometimes.
          You should come through. It’s gonna be chill, crazy day. Anyone could come. We talk about everything anyway… Well, I do but you get it. XD


  2. Your page is amazing!! If you guys are ever looking for another admin or just someone to help out I love to help. I´ve usually write articles or do reviews on songs. But I´d love to just help out in any way I can. So please let me know if you need any help!! 🙂


  3. This page is not only so informative and helpful, but such an inspiration and we are so grateful for it! Please, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing, and know that it is greatly appreciated and looked forward to! You’re awesome, thank you!

    – A Korean music radio show in a very small town, USA


  4. As someone who ventured into the Underground scene after getting a little bored of Kpop, it is so good to see someone whose made such a useful page where I can learn and keep up to date and learn about the scene. For a newbie this page is not only super informative but really useful for discovering artists I wouldn’t have heard about over here in the UK. (Too obscure for the mainstream sites that discuss Underground Korean HipHop). Just found out about QUAIMO from here, whom I wouldnt have found anywhere else, whose EP has quickly become a favourite of mine.
    Thank you very much for this website, I hope you get more traffic with the rise in popularity Korean music has recently received.
    As for me, I will now spend hours procrastinating from University work exploring this website and all the hard work you’ve put into it.
    Again Thank You!


    1. Hi ! Thanks for your feedback! It’s pretty awesome to see my blog reaching people all over the world and I’m happy you’re learning more as you go through our articles! Don’t procrastinate too much though! Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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