Ejo Releases First Album “Mind Web Wanderer”

DJ and producer Ejo has released his first album called “Mind Web Wanderer” on April 13th.

People think the mind is a map, but Ejo believes it is more of a web where everything is connected in various ways and not particularly singular. He displays the same thought in the creation of his sound space where even if there is a certain flow of songs on a list, the effect of each of them depends on the listeners’ flow. It’s hypnotizing at the very least but represents your unconsciousness by the majority.

The album is made up of 11 tracks and is also a caricature of his various backgrounds namely South Korea, India and the United States.


1. Awaiting
2. Parking Lot Romance
3. Salt, Light & Pepper
4. Midnight Overdoses
5. Her Little Toe
6. Fish Bowl Theory
7. Trip to Sunset
8. City of Deformumn
9. Gloeinde Trance
10. Island, Island
11. Revolution Will Not Be Televised


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