Released April 1 – 6, 2019

Spring is here, a new season to welcome, and so does all these new songs you have to check out.

420C’s “여기 (We are)” with. DONO, ARKAY, 르주스, UNO BUCKX, Glue, Mini.K

Paloalto, Swervy, 조원우 and Huckleberry P on the new Hi-Lite anthem “한라산 (Hi-Lite Sign)” (Produced by Yosi)

Junny’s “For the Weekend”

seizetheday’s “안아줘 (Come hug me)” featuring Addnine

Curd’s “MilliM”

Rick Bridges’ “SON (손흥민 (Heung Min Son))” (Produced by Squar)

Jhnovr’s “Slot Machine” featuring #GUN, King Sushi

UV’s “Fine Dust” featuring Joon Park

pH-1’s “Malibu” fteaturing The Quiett, Mokyo

Loopy, nafla’s “Ice King”


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